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Honestly, i installed the game not expecting much but am kind of surprised at the quality behind it. The story mode gives you maps to actually move around, the combat can have some depth in harder fights and the story is a nice blend of pride and inclusion.

Auto Chess | English


This is honestly a much better version of the game than the PC dota 2 mod. the controls are more intuitive and far less punishing as you cant accidentally sell units or make other simple hotkey mistakes. Biggest issue is that matches take 40+ minutes to end usually, making it hard to play casually like most mobile games.

I've played just over an hour which isnt much, but I feel confident saying I'm going to be putting a lot more time into this game. Easily one of the best mobile rhythm games I've played.

The game is nice to look at, but sadly that's about all it has going for it. The controls are awkward for movement, the varied playstyles that made TES great dont exist instead you have to play a warrior. The ability to play F2P is basically nonexistent after level 10 or so when the game really begins pushing its grossly overpriced microtransactions.

Honestly surprised by how solid the game actually is. combat is intuitive and well balanced, the graphics are adorable and the sound is on point. only way it could be better would be if I wasnt trying to play while sick tbh

Aurora Legend | English


It's an idle hero collection game. it features a few things for the player to actively do while actually in the game and features a decent rate of progression. It's far from great, but its entertaining.

Attack on Titan: Assault


The graphics for the game are stellar, sadly that's the only thing I can really compliment it on. It's fairly buggy and the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. All in all I cant imagine someone dedicating time to the game unless they are a massive fan and dont care if the game is good or not.

an incredibly solid SRPG for mobile devices. plays almost exactly like the classic series and even has a recap feature for the previous entries which helps understand the plot. rates arent necessarily good, but they arent terrible either. definitely addicted to it for now though.

awesome game. very fun to play and offers incredibly generous rates for S rank cards. Getting enough gems for a 10 pull also isnt overly hard. cant wait to get more characters though lol

it's a surprisingly great game. Combat is simple but has a good amount of depth to it, with you being able to switch between 2 4 man parties mid fight. The story that I've done is actually pretty interesting and I look forward to progressing further in it. it's easy to reroll right now as you get the free 10 pull with a 5 star guaranteedbnb plus enough gems for 2 10 pulls and an item for a 10 pull. Rates are also quite good, pulled 4 times outside the starting pull and have 5 5 stars other than free pull one. music is beautiful and fitting. All in all I plan to continue playing.

Dragalia Lost


the game looks great, the music is amazing but the gameplay is a stale downgrade of White Cat Project and the gacha is worse than FGO which I thought wasn't possible. Having three different things you can get from the gacha the chances of getting what you want are incredibly low, especially with how low the actual rates for high rarity items is.

Ikki Tousen


Quite literally one of the worst mobile games ever made. I feel sorry for the franchise to have this associated with it.

Cocoro Sekai


It is very obviously a RIP off of the game Crash Fever, even going as far as to use stolen assets and intentionally similar aesthetics.

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