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just an alien with an internet connection
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just an alien with an internet connection
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a classic rhythm game with lots of adorable outfits, awesome songs, and fun events. it's still a gacha game, so you better watch your wallet! lol

I love everything about this game and it was worth the wait

visuals are stunning, sound is amazing and most of it has full voicing, and there's just so much to this game that you can work with. that is good for some and lame for others, because it could understandably get confusing.

i don't know Japanese (yet!) but with a little effort and some translators, it's manageable. Using other resources help as well and hopefully there will be a discord or something for us eventually 💕🐎

I'll start by saying I do enjoy this game! It's cute, easy, fun to pass the time with. My goal is to collect all the characters they release so that's my motivation, lol.

This is a 3D bullet-hell style game. Grindy and repetitive, but there's also a x2 speed auto mechanic for the grinding of the story missions. There doesn't seem to be as many girls yet, but it's very new so I'm sure they will be adding many, including alternative outfits.

I also enjoy the gacha system as it's somewhat inexpensive and easy to gain those points you need; and it also separates into 2 different systems: one for pulling characters and the other for pulling your bonus card things.

There's something weird about the 3D models that I can't quite put my finger on but they're not awful. They definitely look clearer on maxed graphic settings, but overall not terrible.

Honestly my biggest concern was the sound. Music and whatnot is fine, but it's not fully voiced. When almost all my other games are fully voiced, it's just a bit of a let down to encounter a game that isn't like that. Not a deal breaker; more of a disappointment.


Magia Record | English


watch out English players. NA is shutting down.

Blue Oath | Japanese


Finally the battleship-wife game I've been waiting for (since I never achieved access to Kantai Collection)!!! The girls are cute, the 3D models look great and fun voice acting, a lot of stuff is in decent 3D rather than 100% 2D artwork. The artwork itself is also lovely. There's a lot going on with what you can earn and how you can level up, etc. which can be tricky to understand most of it if you don't know Japanese. Overall, I have absolutely no complaints about this game. I'd love to see it in English but for now I'll stick with the Japanese version. I heard the Japanese version updated a lot from the original Chinese, which is why I decided on this one rather than the other.

Love it! The graphics and artwork is good, and the 3D models are cute and not completely awful. The game is pretty easy to understand even if you don't know Japanese; especially if you've played many other rhythm games, as it follows similarly in gameplay. For any minor details that you can't figure out, there should be a wiki/reddit somewhere. Easily a favorite out of many rhythm games.

Not a super in depth review, but I love this game. The 3D models aren't bad, the artwork is beautiful and fun. and of course all the girls are cute. Plays about the same as any other idol rhythm game so if you play Love Live and such, it is easy to play even if you don't know Japanese. The events can also be tricky when you don't read/understand Japanese, but there should be a wiki or reddit for that. [開心][色色]

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