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Ikemen Vampire | English


love it~ [色色]
as always Cybird did a wonderful job with it..

my only gripe was that the climax of the story was so close to the option of whether the reader is going for a dramatic or a romantic end and for me it's like a roller coaster ride that after over-coming the biggest plot twist it just came to a stop that says 'the end' and it kinda left me hanging.[鬼臉]

story format-wise i believe IkeSen got it down better but still IkeVamp has it's own charm ❤~[色色]

i like that they have a back story and the whole story itself so far feels continuous.
i would also like to point out that i'm glad that it doesn't feel so repetitive like the other ones i tried.
definitely gonna keep this game for a long time~[微笑][色色][開心]

love Cybird games soooo much~! [色色][色色][色色]
can't wait for ikeVamp and hope they make an english counterpart for ikelive~
more power to Cybird [開心][開心][開心]

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i'm always getting stuck at loading screens.
whether it's loading songs or loading results or even just loading for the event screen.
and then when relogin it's always downloading something before entering the game. is this even normal?
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