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I mean this is an idle game, take it or leave it, but R-15 contents may worth to try it

Avoid Cat Punch


Online game??? And ask user to disable ad block???

Overall a good game, if you are a fan of Moe Ninja Girl VN version

SINoALICE | Global


Overhype? Not so sure about that. The game have a unique dark story line with fragments of stories that you can find when you spend your time upgrade characters's class, and from the weapons itself
And like Yoko Taro said: You don't need a full story, because you already know it so many time in your childhood, what you need here is the twisted parts of the story
The art is good enough (and you will see somewhat better content later)
The mechanism is simple to understand, and with the class system you can choose to play however you want, especially when go Colosseum with Guild member
The gacha is not too bad, and from my F2P viewpoint, it maybe a bit grindy, but you can expect to get strong weapon and class
Edit 1: For those who said "iT JuSt lIkE iDlE GaMe": ARE YOU EVEN TRYING??? Because when you reach certain stage with requirement CP >30K, things getting harder and you won't want to use Auto mode



First of it kind: a card game that have A.I. technology to help you making decision
Every is so good and so fresh until I fricking realize that the Bandai Namco ID system not even available for my country to use, and that is a huge step back because thay don't have any other method to back up account
I mean I can play SIF without country restriction problem, why Bandai, why? [大哭]

Cooking Battle!


A good game based on Overcook, easy to learn, but hard to master

OH~! My Office


I think It's good, but the hammer punish part somewhat hard to proceed, sometime i don't even know if I'm about to hit or not, especially with the smallest desk

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Happy Birthday!!! #Ask_Mr.Qoo 
Is there any chance we can exchange the Gacha tickets into some kind of currency we can use for translate game service? Or we can get days of usage from gacha? I really like the way you integrate translate service, but it kinda sad when you have to pay to using it
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