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I played this game before with no hustle. Now I cant because of this ID card thing. Can someone tell me how to get through in this bullshit?

Dont waste your time downloading this crap if you're not chinese citizen cuz u wont be able to play it. If you want to play this, download the traditional. You can download it in taptap.



You need to pay for every comic. I wonder who would pay when you can actually read them somewhere for free.

If resources is just easy to get then maybe ill change my rating.

Google Translate


It would be nice if you make screen record translator.

Lord of Heroes


Graphic is so awesome. This will be my first portrait turned base game. Cuz I really prefer grid turn base like alchemist code but I consider this due to its graphics. I will explore the game further and see if its worth spending time.

Still have to learn cuz i cant understand the language. Specially boosting units.

King's Raid


This game still alive? If only they made an anime collab many player will come back. I love the game so much.

Game is hard. Farming resources is aweful.
Edit: It's now getting better.

Awesome as ever

Best tactical game ever!

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Why I cant play the game anymore? Something's wrong with fb login.  Read Note
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