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king of fighters all thy way SNK 4ever
Neo Moon Sevin 19776883

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king of fighters all thy way SNK 4ever
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Injustice: Gods Among Us


awesome game not to hard on most fones and should play excellent requires at least 3gigs minimum

requires a good fone that can handle alot of grafx not recommended for budget cheap fones as the game is very resource demanding.



not sure about this one ive never seen this game work it could be because of my fone is cheap so i really cant give an honest grade or post on this

STRIKERS 1945 Collection


good game doesn't need alot of fone resources and can be played on most fones including cheap fones😎

awesome game the downside is your gonner need minimum 4gigs space and a very good android fone capable of 3d and cartoon grafx doesn't work with cheap 3g fones as resources are demanding

nah not really into this one[no]

requires a pretty good fone to play this one completely and requires alot of resources to run this properly.

Vodafone n9lite sorry game does not play it just says wait for global version

Phantasy Star II


Vodafone n9lite - works perfectly.



Vodafone n9lite - does not install onto this fone at all so there fore i cannot give a positive review

Injustice 2


this game is online only so therefore requires perfect internet connection and also requires a non cheap fone that can handle the graphics and big demand for fone resources 4gigs is needed to run game perfectly forget it if your fone is budget abd cheap it won't work.

doesn't download fully it stopped at 65% maybe it been translated to English or something 😡

very resource driven and requires a good fone to run perfectly dont count your birds and expect a cheap budget fone to run this it will crash and wont work the rating i have given is based on my budget fone not being able to run this game at all so until i get a awesome fone the rating will stay

thanks netmarble you have made an excellent SNK game I've been waiting for ages to play this awesome thank you netmarble games and SNK love Yas forever excellent game specially for an Android game

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awesome game now guilty gear joins the cast Read Note
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