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Changing phone and changing view. Since this ver based on TW (or KR), plz let me have the Subaru new year 4* someday!!!

The 2D is awesome as always, however as everyone else have already mentioned before, the 3D graphic only gives me yellow shadow and lines of each characters. Also when I played on expert, it became laggy and almost unresponsive. I went back to easy and try again to notice that the game didn't recognise my touch anymore. I don't mind to wait longer for the game to finish but I really hope they don't rush to make deadline and bring out a not-so-much-completed game. I've been playing the original ever since it came out and it's the only idol game that I still play for such a long time. Can't wait to support them as much as possible in the future.

Helix Waltz | English


The characters are drawn by various artist at the same time, not gonna do any comparison but it is a refreshing experience for me.
The intel we have to gather to exchange for items and info of each NPC have different ranges as well, and whenever a character comes to ask me for some intels he/she needs, I never get them until the time runs out, which is absolutely funny to me. But you can always memorise what info you need and meet a certain NPC (Hosta) at the Slum to buy them with money or diamond too :3
Game are very generous, even with hearts you can roll 6* clothes too, you can also roll 1 heart gacha a day and 1 diamond gacha for each 2 days.
The UI is cute, the clothes are absolutely adorable and the characters' interactions are well written too. I'm rooting for a love affair of 2 NPCs this time haha.
Gonna stick with it for a while and see how the story turns out to be. Oh and the music, gosh I love those so much, gonna make them my ringtone soon!

On Air!


It has soothing melody, like Sutamai (same company) they're very generous on giving you the rarest type of cards in the game. I like Ota (the orange hair boy that has Kensho Ono as his CV) and I'm really happy to get him right away, hope this review won't jinx me in the future haha. Anyway the location visiting reminds me of BandG in which you can increase a group's intimate points and get their stories (dunno about other game since I knew about it while playing BandG) What I kinda disappointed me is that I can't keep the exact character on main menu, they keep on changing between 5 guys on my favourite team, only the leader will appear the most. I kinda miss Sutamai at this point. This gonna make me get all the Otas in the future to fill my life with his cheerfulness then ;;

The thing I love most about this game is how detailed it was. The character's skills and gimmicks are true to the series and they did a good job summarizing the story, albeit some minor grammar mistakes. I left Jap ver when I was too busy with works (also for spending tons of stones and no Dead Apple Dazai) and now too lazy to catch up with new event, I decided to just play this ver instead. I kinda wish they have newly recorded voice lines but this is enough :'>

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