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I've been following this project since the beginning and was really excited for the release date. As expected SEGA tried its hardest to push details about Gameplay to the last minute so fans wouldn't make an uproar about it. If you're expecting something revolutionary you won't find it here. Unless it's for animation/Music which is done beautifully. However Readyyy is quite lacking in almost every other aspect and I'll tell you why.

Characters: Stereotypes. Your typical archetypes. Extremely lazy written and predictable. There is no depths to most of the boys in here. Some being quite frankly annoying as f.

Story: By far not as engaging as some would hope it's your typical "we want to debut!" plot, however the pacing in some chapters is really off. They try to introduce you to the different units but in the end it just resolves around 1 single dude in said unit. (Exception Maten Rocket, worst one: Just4U)

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This really ain't it chief...

On Air!


Idk why people would compare OnAir to enstars when it's not like it.
OnAir strong suit is the fully voiced story, that goes for event story and sub story, basically the whole game is voiced (which it should since its a seiyuu raising game)

OnAir has an interesting storyline with fresh characters and beautiful music.
Gameplay isn't that engaging and once again just tapping on random locations to hopefully get blessed by rngjesus.
Artwork is beautiful, however some cards that are supposed to look like SSR look like their downgraded SR version so idk what's up with that. Coly needs to fix some of their bugs asap, they're rather slow when it comes to that and it's a known issue even in their other game sutamai.
Gacha rates are good and you'll definitely get a few ssrs in the beginning to start off. Coly is super generous with giving out stars to roll for gacha, so it should be no problem to save enough to roll for your favorite boy.

Enstars is the king of female targeted games and it's no surprise why.
The story is engaging and well written (if you're into melodrama)
The characters are all unique and to die for, the music has something for everyone, the artwork is gorgeous, the Gameplay is mindless tapping but you at least need to pay attention on where to tap so it's not as bad as one would think.

Honestly their strong selling point are the characters, the beautiful artwork and the story, all of those elements tie beautifully together and makes for a strong game with an even stronger fanbase.

Coly did it good. This game is great if you're looking for actually otome features.
- Dynamic character design
- Popular cast
- Gameplay is engaging and challenging
- The game has full established love routes for the first half of the cast (the rest of the character get theirs as well in the future)
- 2 events in 1 month, gacha rates are good
- you get diamonds (which you spend at the gacha or to replenish your hearts) easily
- every guy has a 'my room' feature where you can level up his intimacy and get new voice lines + stories (you can level up multiple guys at once but be careful some of them get jealous if you don't pay attention to them which is a really nice touch to the game)

- Story isn't fully voiced
- Some minor bugs

It's definitely worth your time if you're into puzzle games and otome features



Square Enix never learns. The only thing they improved are the bugs at launch, Gameplay is absolutely idiotic. You have the same tap system like in their previous games with a female audience as a target. They must think we're dumb af and just want to mindless tap the screen. The game gives a damn about your player input, you literally do nothing. Battle system is a joke, it's forced auto if you don't tap. Story isn't fully voiced so what's the point in having all these amazing seiyuus as a cast?
Rates in gacha suck, you get 1 pull for the release of the game and I was one of the lucky ones to get qa SSR.
The room feature is pointless the dudes just stand around and you can't even interact with them, at most you tap the robot to collect the points it refills for you. The premise of this game sounded so interesting, who doesn't want to raise heroes? Yet the game barely let's you do anything it's just extremely boring.

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