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I love Rokuya Nagi :D
Danish Najwa El Moslem 19570137

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I love Rokuya Nagi :D
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Disney Twisted Wonderland


it's really fun! i love the characters very much. i think everyone'd become my oshis lol



This is actually a nice game. i loved it so much. but i like it more before tho re: one. The re: version probably can only be enjoyed by people who has money. Before, we can hear every seiyuu's voice. But now, it seems that we need to pay for like everything [暈]

i love how we can read manga legally for free!

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


very nice songs and stories!! i love them 💞

Hollywood Above the Sea


I love this!! thank you for putting it and continuously updating it in qooapp!! i really love everything from this (shounen hollywood) fandom and i'm really happy that it's releasing a game 😭😭💖💞💞🙏🙏 ms hashiguchi ikuyo's works are really beautiful and poethic!! it really gets in the feels. i can't imagine wt'll happen to my 9yrs old mind if it's not released in qooapp since it's for japan only ;w;))) thanks mr. qooapp ;w;))

masnya udah ganteng, manis, punyaku lagi uwu) aihhh suka deh pokoknya❤️❤️❤️ it's good to have somebody that always there for you ✨✨✨

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my sei 💞💗❤❤️💓💕 Read Note
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