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Will forever love Aoyagi Mikado.
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Will forever love Aoyagi Mikado.
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The usual rhythm game. I'm giving this a shot since I wasn't fond of the previous sideM games. (Also I tried this because someone said in the reviews that it's like im@s Theater Days... my expectations are still low tho)

- Graphics 5/5, the MV is 2D. UI is nice and simple, easy to navigate. The boys are Live2D.

- Sound 4/5, idk about the music since not everyone's taste are the same but the sfx and UI sounds are good.

- Gameplay 3/5, nothing new about the rhythm part except for the flicks? that's what I found is similar to Theater Days. The system for leveling up the cards is different tho.

It's basically like evolving. The card's stats goes up as you play Lives. There's a チェンジpt (Change) bar that you need to fill up to rank up or change up the card, it also gives you more Appeal(アピール) and you can level up the skill further. Other than filling up the bar you also need the items required. You get those from Lives. (This confused me at first)

The only thing you level up manually is the skill.

There's also a Work feature that have the same reward as Lives. But the Change pt is given randomly?

- Storyline 3/5, no comment.

- Value? I'm a f2p and we're all here for the boys. so go wild.

Overall, it's a pretty good im@s sideM game. (●´⌓`●)

Genshin Impact


The gameplay is great. The gacha is bad, unless you're lucky.... or a whaler.

Most *4 characters are not bad, honestly. But the limited *5 characters are seriously tempting.

I didn't get to migrate my account which upsets me but oh well....

The Asia server is pretty dead. You mostly get bots in matches, unless you're lucky, 4v4 is possible.

There are new heroes but a few of the heroes from the HK one is not out yet.

The graphics is good. Many diversities between the heroes. The battlefield is simple. Though NetEase changed the toads to owls for some reason but the quick chat still says toad.

For the ping... sometimes I had to reconnect even though my wifi signal is full. (and I play IdV without any problem) Can't do anything about it.

I prefer this one over Onmyoji, since it's easier to understand. I have a hard time understanding the shikigamis on Onmyoji. Also since it's the heroes have 3 active skills unlike Onmyoji.

But NetEase changes a few minor things in EO so it reminds me of Onmyoji.
- Hero difficulty (I prefer the game doesn't tell me which is easy and hard to play tbh)
- Support is recommended to go with ADC

It's still installed on my phone since the size is pretty small.

This is just for casual players.

The game is basically leaving the bois work for money and/or study to get personality type. You can dress them up however you like.

There are shops, gachas and events where you can get outfits and items.

Leveling the boys to a certain level gets you a event story with him and even a new boy as you start with only 1 boy.

You also can help other players by doing/giving them Recommendations, Advice and Socialize.

ngl there's not much to do in this game except checking it from time to time.

Helios Rising Heroes


Since it's still new the game doesn't run that smoothly and will occasionally send you back to the title. It did annoy the heck out of me at first but honestly just give this a try.

I'm just going to talk about the gameplay since that's what I was looking forward to.

The gameplay is pretty nice. Turn-based, skill activation, attack links and you choose who attacks in that turn and in what order. I challenged myself fighting a subquest that has 10k power difference so it won't get boring also for the training tickets.

Boring? Well... not really. You have the option to dispatch your heroes to patrol or do quests to level up your rank, since the AP is linked. I do both. So... management?

It's not that... grind-y too? The heroes can level up from patrols, quests and training tickets. For Frames you have to level them up with Frames too though.

Heard somewhere there will be quests where you need to strategize rather than braindead auto play. I'm looking forward to it.

The room feature is nice too, I guess.

Honestly, if it gets boring try doing harder quests. Also set a goal? Like I wanted to clear that 3rd ticket subquest and I did. Now I want to clear the next one so I need to level up my heroes and frames blah blah blah

I'm giving this game a chance so I'm investing my time on it.

i★Chu Étoile Stage


First of all, this is for casual players. (Also, it's just like playing A3! but with iChu characters. Both are by Liber Entertainment.)

After you input names and stuff, you have to read the first few chapters of the story. (you can skip them one by one) Next, when you get to the Home page you can skip tutorial by picking the left option.

Gacha time! The free 1x10 is nice. The best pull I got was 3 SR and 2 SSR which you can reroll how many times you want. Left option to reroll btw. (I forgot to check the gacha rate for this one, but does it matter? Most people play this for the dudes.)
I didn't pull the normal gacha.

Now, the Produce section has 4 things: Lesson, Work, Live, Event. All of these are in chibi animation.
- Lesson, you can level up your cards here and get item drops. You can Auto and Loop this. 2.0x speed is available.
- Work, you pair up 2 characters for jobs that have specific item drops and watch them move around and talking. That's it. You can play it on 2.0x speed.
- Live, how do I describe it.... Just characters moving around. You can Skip this.
- Event, you collect points by doing the stuff listed above. Then you can trade the points for items and cards, SSR card included. There's no ranking for this. (the 'brand new pop n star' event was ongoing when I logged in. not sure if this is the only type of event that exists.)

The item drops you get from all of that is for upgrading your card, called Kirameki Step. There are lots of steps you have to unlock with items before you reach the final step which I'm guessing it changes the card's image.

You can unlock character stories, home lines etc from the bear sitting on a chair icon. (Can't read it) Each unlockables need requirements.

Graphic wise, it looks great.
Gameplay wise, it's nice if you're into it. (... I play On Air!)

I guess that's all for now...
Personally, I think it's great for players who played the previous iChu game. For me, I'm unsure since my reason for playing iChu was because of Satoi's art and the rhythm game.

I'm just going to wait for Pop n Star scout because from the free gacha, I took the *characters* who I don't even remember, since the rerolling was hellish with so many *characters* in the game. I only stan Pop n Star [難過]

edit: I gave in and rerolled [發困]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


Overall it's a good game for casual players. For you free players, you can't do much on events though.

I uninstalled the game. Got sick of it pretty quickly.

Installed the game again to see how bad it has become. Heard it's more p2w now?

On Air!


I still play this everyday. Might as well leave a review.

After the BIG UPDATE, the game is now Live2D which means the character sprite moves and also a lot of changes to make it feel more real. For example the impros now have dialogues. Reading them is fun.

The gameplay is pretty generic. The usual breeding game.

Art is nice.

The reason I'm still playing is because most of the content is voiced. For someone who doesn't know much Japanese this is great. Because for me with this type of game, understanding what's happening is important to getting know the game, the story, the characters.

Other than that I'm attached to the characters. I like them a lot especially the Re:Fly unit.

Thank you, On Air! I'm gonna miss you.

Identity V | Global


My first time playing an asymmetrical battle arena game and I love it! Maining survivor for now, haven't found a hunter that I'm comfortable with. It even took me weeks to understand how Hell Ember's skills work lmao I'm dumb.

It's great that you can grind to get new survivors and hunters without using real money. And how you can try the characters for free that differs each day is a good way to try out the unique survivors and hunters!

Edit: I uninstalled the game. It's recommended to build a party/team for ranking with voice chat.



Not everything should be in 3D models. Mostly because they look not that good. The illustrations are great though.

Also, it is great that they give you the choice to not download everything from the start, saves time for the people who are just trying it out.

Gameplay's OK. (Might change later)

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Thank you, On Air! Honestly gonna miss this game... I'm glad to have played it. Read Note
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