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So I played the previous game for Side M and after about a month of playing (I forgot what date it came out) I can say it's a major step up from the previous game, when I played previous game it only had two rows so I'm glad there are more rows in this one so far we had 3 events and it was all good, the songs are in 2D for now except for 'We're the one'

and judging by that MV I can tell the MVs are going to be great

The songs are very catchy I mean I can play Not Alone and Legacy of Spirt on repeat for the rest of my life and I won't get tired of it

Gameplay wise it's very fun I like the variety of the flick notes and the gimmicks of them the judgment of the notes are indeed very precise compared to some other rythmn games

They storyline is nice I'm so used to the sparkling idols thing that has no facial hair ect. ect. but nah fam you're getting variety with this game from Law enforcement by day to idols at night to Salary men at day idols at night

Beelzebub II is my favourite chuuni don't @me

Value now the value of the ingame currency is alright the standard rate for most gacha games
it doesn't seem to gave a pity system but the rates are 4% which is one percent higher may not seem like a big difference in reality it probably isn't but it's definitely something to note

in my experience getting ingame currency isn't very hard and I've gotten about 4 other SSRs other than the garenteed Beginning banner feature

Now the only cons to this game is if you don't have a Japanese Bandai account you can't save your account if you lose your account you start from square one, the lvling system is pretty odd compared to other games and extremely grindy, you also gotta get these glowsticks to use extra stamina which can be inconvenient for events

and it's in Japanese, this may be one of the downsides if you can't read Japanese or if you're just learning

I think that's about it
Overall it's a fun game that's definitely a step up from it's predecessor, it's a but grindy but ultimately enjoyable

I'm writing this review as an FGO player and a rhythm game fan

the graphics not really a surprise since our salty tears went into this game is pretty good usually I dislike 3D anime graphics but it's on the level of Enstars

I really love the songs especially the 3rd song you play in the prologue.

The lines that Da Vinci us saying is also voiced so that's very nice as well

It's totally free to play Like really no Gacha just you and Mash

some con:
now honestly I personally do wish that there was a way for you to dance with all your servants especially my favs like Gil, Eresh ect.

The content since it's new there is nothing much to it but just tap tap rhythm rhythm especially if you don't care about da Vinci's dialogue

The graphics example Mash's calves can look a bit weird... but that's just me being picky

overall it's a cute game and very cute if you absolutely live best Kouhai

To be completely honest I love this game the graphics are great, the music is always catchy the beatmaps are fun to navigate, the stories are very interesting

the fact you can choose any character and they'd perform the song no matter the groups in polished 3D absolutely amazing

the UI is nothing too special but its neat and fits well.

the Card art is beautiful as well

A little thing that I wish was possible for MVs is if you're play 2D instead of 3D I wish you could see all the cards, but that's just me being picky

As I stated the songs are very catchy l, I found myself bopping to every one

The beatmaps are challenging but not impossible, I can play at any speed and still not get 'Bad's so I really get the chance to challenge Expert.

Along with that even if the fever bar is empty during a live you can continue to play without paying any ingame currency.
*A problem I had with UtaPri and BPro.

The story is very interesting with diverse characters I absolutely lover all of the characters in this game even some of the antagonists I find it hard to completely hate them.

*Although I do wish the Main story was fully voiced

Now Value it's good for me, the dias you get for the price you pay is quite standard and similar to games such as UtaPri, BPro ect.

the rates are the usual 3% for 5 star

Now where my problem lies are events, It's quite difficult to get the 5 star in the event as you are to collect a whopping
3 500 000 points to get the first copy

This could be a bit hard due to the fact that one may play other games or have work to do, I'm not sure if this will change after the pandemic but for now it seems almost impossible as every 10 BP is roughly 2100-3000 points and every event live is 10 000 with one week

I really hope they fix this and lower the point requirements

but all in all the game is fun but the event needs to be nerfed



I discovered this game through my YouTube recommendations the litteraly one thing YouTube has done right.

Though I wish it was a beat map or rhythm game. I cannot fail to accept how great this game is the storyline is great the fully voiced main story gives you full immersion and you get to choose what you say. The gacha is great I've gotten nothing but great cards with a single 10 pulls. and the boys oh all of them are beautiful their cards are also beautiful. If you like great story, goodest bois, good gacha rates a great songs I recommend this.

However yes the seiyuus are new. But at the same time I'm glad that I get to know them and maybe after a while they'll improve a lot on their voice acting

I'm ever greatful for discovering this game. I look forward to it's on going improvements and development

Before I've said that this game has no value at all It's horrible at that they believe everyone has a big sum of money in their wallet just for this game.

That it is pay to win.

I will correct myself this game is not pay to win.
However rate up seems to be a lie that or my misfortune.
The salt is still there. Very present. but after a few months of playing it constantly I come to a conclusion this game's value still kind of crap, gameplay and story however is great which keeps people playing it.

All in all I've rated it higher than I had it before but it has much to improve compared to Japan. One day it may reach there but for now the value rating is still just okay.

I am aware of the free servants you get via events however I still long for the day where 5 ☆ servants come home to me

So for now I cRi eVeRyTim

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#GAME_OF_MAY Ever since the lockdown I've been playing FGO much more often than I usually do I love the characters the gameplay and even sometimes despite the salt the gacha It's easy to to understand so you dont need to know Japanese to play the game the story is intriguing I also really love the artwork for characters it can be grindfest at times but events usually help this, also you got to love the memes ah yes the memes, the events last fod about 10-14 days which really helps for people who are busy, the animation is also well done 
If you want to get further into the Fate series this is a great game
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