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Blue Archive | Global


Унылое уныние. Автобой - единственно верный вариант прохождения ибо уже на 4-ых миссиях я просто начал засыпать от однообразия. Сюжет максимально стерильный, даже шутки тут под копирку из других аниме. Ставлю 2* исключительно из-за ИИ бота, которая твой никнейм проговаривает.

такую халтуру даже за бесплатно должно быть стыдно раздавать. Я в jrpg maker могу лучше сделать

its an mmo milked from psp game. Graphics are better but gameplay is garbage

Ну, это гольф. С гачей. Пвп тут хорошо работает. Сюжета чтоб мотивировать проходить пве тут нет. В принципе все

Genshin Impact


I could forgive this game long grind based on rng, repetative and boring events where you are just have to kill bunches of mobs over and over again if the plot wouldn't at least been written for degenerates. Lets just say if you are really into this hype train: play with jab dub. Paimon will piss you off after 4 hours of plot

Guardian Tales | Global


fuck this game. Game devs are completely aware about how absurdly broken new heroes, about shit ping and everything but instead of fixing anything they sell nerfs as new heroes




Its a damn clicker

Первые 50 уровней у вас будет щенячий восторг от этой игры. Все следуюшие будут длительной неоплачиваемой работой



In my opinion its the best game in WS series. Characters are very likable, grinding is fun when you see your efforts being rewarded, and mocamori is both op and adorable. Story is ok. Nothing outstanding but its nice to see when woman protagonist is written good. The only bad thing i can say that the game doesn't have fully developed romance option. Let me feel myself as a teenage girl, damn it

Its boring. There are barely any activities except wandering around, facing random encounters, runing from overleveled bosses and reading outdated plot. I get it, you wrote Chrono trigger but 90'es are over. Gacha system... well you may count that there is none. I dont see any reason to roll for heroes.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


It has cool action gameplay, smooth animations and short load screens. A lot of content like danmaku and some platforming. Gacha is mersifull (not like i know a lot about gacha). The story is... well, it's a mobile game. If you know a mobile game with good story (on KOTOR level) feel free to inform me about it

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