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The game is not that bad, but really isn't the greatest. It is sort of built in the same format as Episode and does require payment if diamonds just to get answers you want.

There are quite a lot of stories with variety in cute art styles so that's a plus. Some bland stories and some are actually quite nice.

However some of them, (if not all [為什麼]) are from different otome games that you can get as a seperate game with free range in choices and (more/complete) storylines from leading characters.



One of the best rhythm games for mobile, hands down. The music is wonderful and can match up with the coresponding notes well compared to other rhythm games! (AKA: Flick notes )

What makes the game more unique is the fact that the wheel/game board/pad can be used a decoration. (ex: flickering in ArForest - Journey to the crack of failing to purify aka Stasis)

There are time limits that pop up soon or later after every game. But you are given the option to watch an ad for 10 minutes free of ads so that is a plus!

On the downside, staying F2P may leave you stuck at a chapter until an update with a storyline expansion. But I say it's worth paying for if you love music games!

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