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no bad comment for this..been playing since japan server 1st up until i can't play it without knowing any reason as to why. Simply good game. ^^b

Black Desert Mobile (KR)


I play the pc version but the mobile version isnt losing to its gameplay,graphic and system. Really love it. Waiting for the english release of it. [色色][色色][色色][色色][色色]

All around mmo on phone. Except there's a slightly bug, when registering item on shortcut it stuck, when entering a new map/floor sometimes it disconnected and return back to the title. It's kinda frustrating when you got a feel to play it and this stuff happen, it ruin the mood. But I still play it though because it's SAO.

Toram Online RPG


really good game,deserve such rating. Many variety of things especially its skill where you can combine most of the skill in a single character. storyline is really good with a good plot twist. Character creation selection can be more interesting if added some new looks but so far its already good. I can't stop playing it even though i haven't got any boss crysta even with 100++ round. Keep up the good work.

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#DengekiFever Kirito for coolness and kindhearted person even he though he acts like he didn't care. Read Note
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