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Night of the Full Moon


It is a offline game where you can choose a class to go through the story. Each Class have their own type of deck. There are also several difficulty level, you will unlock the next difficulty by completing the new difficulty before it. Yea this a game where you need to play over and over again to get the full storyline. You can login to save your data in server and able to purchase in game with irl moneh 3 classes. There are 4 free classes btw. Also The first class is the hardests, dont let the difficulty written in game fool you. I really wish i could make my own deck using cards in my index instead of hoping for luck looking at shop or using abilities. Also more chapters please. Having Lv 11 as thr cap for just a moment and restart seriously feels like a drag. Endless mode with customized deck sounds fun. I have finished all difficulty of all free classes except for the first class, knight. If you like idling on your own and using cards, this game is up your alley

The salt is real and rateup feels like a lie. That is why it is good ahahaha

Would love if you can get sq and or ticket again from summon. like 1 sq, 3sq, 10sq or jackpot 30sq. Also if you can send away some servants to fetch some stages for materials so there is a point in raising more servants than you need

People kept saying bad luck and so on. Seems those retards forgot to read or they read but fail to get what RNGsus means. While gameplay is not an issue at all, even low stars are OP AF if you got the synergy right.

CS is quite good as well, they did recover my account.

The only thing worth complain about is the abyss of endless hell. EXP hell, Mats Hell, QP hell, MP hell, and so on.

the game is not offline unlike most players claim it to be. and it takes an excessive amount of data at that. what is this.

Once data downloaded it barely use any data just like FGO. At first it is an idle game but for hard am very hard feature it is not idle anymore by any means.

Gameplay is quite simple so using auto tap to do farming is easy which is nice, basically tap auto then sleep. Collecting certain materials especially for lv 44 and above is ridiculously hard tho. The ridiculous is important. Especially materials at Very Hard Otherlands feature.

Story and setting is quite well made, there are no really deep explanation of setting tho so it is not a good material to be discussed while the story is pretty much the same, definitely not bad but not something you will be crazy about either.

Many OST in this game is good.

Graphic is relative for each people, personally i find it definitely abovr average but saying it as the best would he over either. Literal 4 out of 5.

2nd Edit:
sometimes you will receive login error and it will automatically restart the game then redownload the whole data which at least 4gb for no reason. A huge rip off of data especially for those who dont have access to unlimited data. So worst gameplay on rating since there is nothing more specific there

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