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RIP PRINCESS CONNECT GLOBAL died march 31st over miss management of crunchyroll games, JP left standing i love this community so much so its to see what happened to EN.

World Flipper | Japanese


i will admit i was a bit skeptical going in mostly because a friend was talking about the launch date in discord but once i downloaded it the next day i was instantly HOOKED and could not stop playing/logging on now i do have a few issues lack of side events meaning there should be way more events surrounding the average solo player and not just high level boss and teo i wished energy wasnt so low all the time it goes by fast when your grinding out a few characters we should atleast get a refill every day overall this is a very solid gacha gane sure i may not understand the language but doesn't stop me from appreciating the art style and gameplay which is awesome even on auto mode hopefully they will stick with this game and provide constant events and maybe collab with Granblue would be awesome.

and yeah people need to stop lowering the star rating over stupid issues only, have you ever thought maybe it's just your crappy phone 🤣

I get that JP has to have exclusives but seriously this mobile game is just way to difficult to download for the basic weeb user but what I've seen from friends who have played I'll admit it does looks fun it is your basic auto battle character collector game IMO this should be global and not have these many steps to download 😒

seeing games like this makes me really question why bandai has not made a global version to me it would make perfect chance and it could make them a bit more cash if I had to pick a release date for English it would be right around or after jump force has been released but hey that's just my opinion.

it is a really fun game but like always with new JP games it needs a global badly.

this game should be global in my opinion it is really stupid how this is in a different language and hard to register...

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This deserves to be on global marvel collab luck iw insane makes me wonder why its a jp exclusive rn meanwhile global looks dead in water 
love the art on these pulls
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