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This game doesnt want you to reroll.
Pre reg rewards locked behind 9 days login bonus.
Kinda red flag, better avoid.

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


Sumo style game play. Kinda interesting pushing and pulling. 5% gacha rate and a soft ceiling at 50 rolls. Everything seems ok ish except its by square enix

VPN removed - yay
Upgraded FGO - nay

edit: Good riddance, back to where it belongs. The trash can.

More like the 8th of this kind of cash grab game? Are You Kidding Me?

Sacred Blade


The only thing that look good is the cut scene at the start. once inside everything just look like a game released in 2015.

Free 11 rolls only get you at best a R. (SR not in the pool)

Yurine chopped up everyone and now you have to glue them back piece by piece.

Better to drop the game than seeing jashin chan loop her drop kick animation.

Eshigami no Kizuna


no thanks fragment gacha

Cutie and On going anime to boost her cuteness. What are you waiting for?!

Z/X Code OverBoost


was fun and all till they suddenly decided to stop gaijin from playing. good job.

Kemono Friends 3


do it for your furenzu. nuff said

VIP system.
fragment gacha.
Not enough resources given for 1 initial 10 rolls.

Are they even trying? what a joke.

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


Took them 6 months to build a region lock for foreigners. good job backwards works corporation.

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