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I'm usually lurking around to find games that pique my interest!
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I'm usually lurking around to find games that pique my interest!
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18TRIP (エイトリ)


(Edited 1 month later for a more accurate review)

▪Story Summary / Introduction▪
HAMA and it's 18 districts are declining as a tourist destination. You decide to work with your childhood friend, Kafka, to help him in achieving a longtime goal the both of you share of reviving all 18 HAMA tourist districts by establishing a company called HAMA Tours, which will provide meaningful tour packages based on different themes.

Employed as the company manager, you embark on a trip to find 18 district mayors that will make up 4 tourist groups: R1ze (morning group), Day2 (afternoon), Ev3ns (evening) and L4mps (night). Each group will work alongside one another to provide travellers with enjoyable tour events and the best hospitality.

But surely, this flight will be a smooth one without any turbulence...?

▪First Impressions▪
One aspect I found interesting was how the game has both a canon female and male MC, complete with full names, designs and voices in the main story.

The concept of "district mayors" and "travelling" is very intriguing and I really have to say hats off to Liber for always coming up with interesting and innovative ideas as well as aesthetic designs for their games!

Beginner bonuses are also great! You have a reroll banner which allows you to "keep" a previous roll. Gacha rates are at 3% but its definitely possible to get 3 or more SSR cards during reroll, so I highly recommend doing so if you don't mind rerolling. You also get multi-pull tickets as rewards after the tutorial and a free (fully maxed) SSR just by doing the Beginner Tasks.

The gameplay is essentially a form of tower defence. One course/battle takes me around 1min but the event courses are a tad more difficult. You can also auto-battle the last course/battle you cleared with 3☆; it's a small button to the bottom right of the OMOTENASHI BATTLE screen. If you don't have the time, I recommend setting up auto-battle and then closing the app as it can run in the background without being open - very useful!

▪Story / Characters▪
Story-wise, each group has a certain written theme throughout their main story section which ties in to each character. Some have the narrative more focused on them during the main story, but I assume future stories will provide more backstory/development. All in all, the main story is highly enjoyable with a good balance of emotions.

The world-building also seems very fleshed-out and consistent - there is even a mini dictionary for specific world/game terminology. Additionally, a "novel mode" exists which allows you to read the story as if its a chat log, without the 2D-live models/background sounds.

Once you reach a certain intimacy/bond level with a character, you can unlock mini "novel" chapters (full text with a few animations) which will give you more information on their backstory. I really like this sort of approach as the variety of reading formats definitely makes reading a more novel experience (pun intended)!

It may not be easily known until you read the main story/go on the game's YT channel, but the game has several music tracks sung by the characters. Majority are main story OP and ED songs but they sound great and will certainly be worth a listen!

Aside from a few bugs/spelling errors (e.g. dairy instead of daily tasks) at launch, I'd say the layout of the screen/buttons can be hard to make out when you're new to the game, due to the way they designed the menu screens. Things are much, much easier once you get used to it and know what to tap.

On the other hand, with so many images/text on one screen, you can take your time to appreciate the design choices and read the little pieces of English sprinkled around - there are lots of details!

Additionally, as a few players have already mentioned, the game can drain your battery fairly quickly. I started with "standard performance" but had to set it to "low" when reading the stories.

▪Closing Note▪
Overall, I'm looking forward to possibly more music and seeing how the characters/world will develop. I definitely think 18 Trip is worth it if you like the sound of the world and its characters.

And if you do pick up the game, as they say in 18 Trip... Hama (have a) a nice trip!

Daily With Menhera-Kun.


A simple idle game that lasts around 2ish weeks (if you only open the game once a day).

The gameplay in itself is simply waiting for raindrops to accumulate over time to read chat logs with Menhera-kun along with a few collectables and BGM tracks you can use while studying or working.

Nothing stood out to me in particular but there isn't really anything bad about it either.



Note: You need to purchase the rest of the stories to finish the game!

After playing through the avaliable stories, it seems pretty interesting! I don't know how much deeper the story goes but here is a short summary:

The main protagonist, Tyler, realises they're now trapped in something called the Vortex of Time and meet a small group of others who are also in the same pool, the Loopers. People who are stuck in this vortex repeat the day of August 1st until they're able to somehow escape; hence the name Loopers. Everything is reset on August 1st and the only thing that is carried over is the person's memory.

Overall, the game gave me Steins Gate and Angel Beats vibes, but I hope the rest of the story will have some interesting twists!

I don't think I'll purchase the game any time soon as I have others on my list, but those who do, I hope it'll be an enjoyable one!

Pocket Colony | Japanese


A cute dress-up game where you can socialise and make friends!

They recently revamped a few things graphics-wise (despite the game being 12 years old!) and added a few new features! Sadly, there's not much game-play as it's an app that focuses on chatting/communicating with others, so a lot of the other game-play revolves around doing smaller tasks where you'll be rewarded with the game's main currency: donuts.

Starting 2023, the management team has decided to bring more events and rewards every month that centre on a specific theme, so the year has been less stagnant compared to recent years.

I'm an anti-social player so I mainly play it for the dress-up aspect, but I've never had any issues getting a fair amount of donuts just by doing in-game tasks. There is a "download other apps and get free donuts" option as well, so it might be a slow start, but you'll eventually find yourself with a good pile of donuts (unless you spend them all like a madman).

I've also noticed there is an English and Chinese chatroom, so there are all sorts of players in-game! If you're worried about language support, more experienced players are definitely willing to help!

I was a huge fan of the graphics when I first saw the game (back when only the KR ver. was released), so I'm really happy they released a JP one!

So far, the game seems like a nice casual and relaxing game! I like how they have multiple gachas to cater to both F2P and P2W players too.

I highly recommend as the gameplay isnt difficult to understand once you get into a daily rhythm (although understanding specific quests may be difficult for some) and it's overall a cute game you can play casually!

Hoshinari Echoes


As a whole, the game felt very average; it's not oustanding nor is it that bad. Although if I had to choose, the main thing that stood out for me was how crisp the tap/menu sounds were.

One thing I would probably recommend is rerolling, seeing as I was already beginning to struggle a little with a 5 star + three 4 stars team after reaching the second area, due to possibly not having the right set of (upgraded) skills. The game does give 4 stars through achievements though.

The world, the characters and the fact that there are units that comprise of both female and male members are all very interesting, so if you're a fan of them, the game will be a worthwhile investment.

I only played the game for about 15 minutes but I soon realised the gameplay was very similar to Shinymas (Idolmaster Shiny Colours), so it just felt like the developers took the gameplay and added an alternate world and its cast into the mix. Some features are different though.

The general graphics are quite nice; quick transitions and pretty menu designs/colour palettes are always appreciated.

Overall, a cute collecting/raising game with somewhat challenging (or should I say less brain-dead) main gameplay in terms of the raising aspect (the battles are auto, not surprising but unfortunate).

Hard to give this an actual rating due to its trial version, but after playing for around 10-15 minutes, the music gameplay is very standard/nothing stands out; it just seems like a mixture of utapri shining live, deresute and mirishita (as well as tokimeki idol to some extent). I definitely do like how fast the menu/screen transitions are and the overall design and colour palette though.

I can't seem to get the 3D MV to work at all for some reason (it's just a white screen with saturated outlines of the models) but it's definitely laggy.

Things I hope they improve on are hitsounds (they sound very jarring with the music), note design and smoother rhythm gameplay.

Looking forward to seeing the progress and improvement!

Project Babel


I've been playing for around 3 hours (up to chapter 9) and I'm really enjoying the game so far!

I have my 3D settings set on the middle level and the environment and 3D modelling of the characters look very polished. The short 2D animated scenes are also a plus!

One thing I couldn't help notice was that the 2D artwork and the battle designs reminded me of the early Final Fantasy games.

The game is quite story oriented and it seems there are more battle-based things to do once you've cleared most of the main story chapters.

There is also a gacha system and you can pull 'jobs' which will give your characters skills and stats along with weapons. There isn't a stamina system but you do need to replenish HP/MP (either by waiting or using items) as you go through the battles.

Overall, it's a nice game to play at your own pace as you can choose to progress through the different types of quests (main story, character, subquests) and the other battle modes that are unlocked later



The home screen and 3D models reminds me of kimikiri (not surprising) and it looks like they've made it somewhat smoother.

Main gameplay-wise, it's more or less exactly the same as enstars with a few other features thrown in. Overall, the game system isn't hard to understand, so you can pretty much imagine what the events will be like (unless they bring in an event that requires a new feature)...

I haven't gotten very far in the story, but there's nothing special going on yet (might change this if the story gets interesting later on).

The 4% rate for the 5☆ is pretty nice but keep in mind RNG is RNG; my 2 ten pulls got me 2 SRs whereas I somehow managed to solo a 5☆ so it really just depends on your luck (っ´ω`c)

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