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If you have a Potato-based phone like myself, dont worry, you can play without 3D animations in songs.

In my opinion, the best Gacha game out there. Aside from the obvious downfall that is not being in English, its hard to find issues with this game.

The gacha rates are very good. I think it is 2% for a SSR (Highest rarity in the game) and you get around a minimum of 6 gems a day (30 needed per 11 summon) , as well as a ****ton being given for free through story and events, as well as acheivements. You also get to guaranteed SR or above tickets per week, as well as one guaranteed SSR per week. There is also a coin shop where you can trade useless duplicates for higher rarity characters.
I haven't really read the reviews for this, but if someone says it is P2W, I think that is an overstatement. The only thing that is P2W is the pvp, but only the higher ranks.

The performance is also very good. I run on a potato phone, and comparing how this runs to FGO, this runs a lot better, with alot quicker loading times.

Try it for a week

Monogatari Series Pucpuc


Kaiki best girl.

Fight me on that

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Am i on the spectrum or is the game unable to be downloaded? (High probability that it's both)  Read Note
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