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Neural Cloud | English


Not a game for everyone to play, despite it looks good and tactical, it become really boring after 1 hour play, Tutorial are cheesy and really long without SKIP TUTORIAL feature at all. You just follow instruction for 20 minutes just for reading all of them and if you wanted reroll, good luck doing it because rates are fake and no pity summon at all. Once you get bad luck, really bad luck happened and no SSR/3* after 50-60 pulls and making new account means you need watch tutorial for another 20 minutes again.

This game by far worse than older Girls Frontline and you just had enough after playing for 2-3 hours watching those idiots do their job while pressing screen once a while for support skills only. Oh, it also combined it Idle system which means game even more boring. Good luck for players who played this game.

TOTALLY GARBAGE GAME on mobile version. I see so many hackers everywhere I play, they have hacking speed, wallhacks and auto DC when you are about to win. Thats why it was very appaling when playing on higher rank.
Also, report system is TOTALLY IDIOT same like PC did, BOTS BOTS BOTS everytime I report it. Why they cant just throw some real CS instead of BOTS??? Sorry, this game failed hard even though so many players played it, controls are notoriusly bad since it lacks of adjustments, I am talking about how to set between walk, run, and crouch, but crouch system is so bad that the moment you set too high, it automatically goes sprint mode.

Azur Lane | English


This game is really fun to play and very friendly even if you have bad luck, you still can get some nice SR units while UR and Meta are Event Only. But, the biggest drawback of this game is VERY GRINDY and REPETITIVE TO THE MAX.

You wont notice it at 1st few months, but as soon as you play on 6th month onward, you will really bored because of that, NO BLITZ/RAID system killed this fun despite you already have S-Rank on ALL, you still need doing it MANUAL which is really stupid idea.

You already have 12 GB game and still dont have BLITZ/RAID system??? What kind of Old-School are you??? Every game right now had it on 1st day release since 2015 onward and your game is already 4 years old and did not improved at all but instead adding more and more skins with ships BUT never improved USER EXPERIENCE at all.

This is the biggest reason why players quit this game despite it was friendly, but they burnt out as time goes even on AUTO mode, your AI is so DUNCE that they just diving to enemies and damaged them badly and you are taking control again.

Please do review some suggestions that will improved User Experience on player

1. Add Blitz/Raid system on any battle that already have S-Rank on Campaign and Events, this will reduce time needed to grind significantly and more time can be spent on other tasks.

2. Increase Dock Limit (Ship Storage) into 200-250 instead of 100 at start of the game, many players complaint about how small the Dock is and you really need another 200 Gems which is very expensive to spend. Make Dock expansion cost reduced to 100 Gems/10 space for better storage management.

3.Let us have Gem rewards on Daily and Weekly missions where if you can complete ALL of them, you will rewarded small amount of it like 2-3 gems daily and 15 gems weekly. Its not that much, but it will give us more things to do on long-term play instead of MEASLY rewards that can be forgotten everytime.

4. META Events are not needed lenghty, just make it into 1 months instead of 2 months and convert the points into Achievements like how many damage you deal to Boss and helping others will give you another points too. I really bored doing same tasks on every META and I just always missed few days because of too much tasks to do everyday, make it simple and less burden.

5. Siren Monthly reset are really not necessary especially on Map Zone reset where you need to rewind all AREA once again, just give us BOSS/FLAGSHIP only to clear them instead of beating all small enemies again, can you imagine doing a zone where you need to beat 10-15 units every single time on monthly where you can skip to BOSS fight only??? This tasks become tall order to play.

6. Shipyard EXP requirement should be reworked because in order to Collect EXP, you can only used certain Faction/Group which is fine, but at least make it count as ENTIRE FLEET instead of MAIN or VANGUARD only. It was tedious to collect 1 Million EXP and another 2 Million EXP after 3 days passed, even if you have 2x EXP/Resource used, your ships will take heavy toll because their moral get abused too much and it caused Upset/Mutiny if overdoing it. This ship also not very good too IMO because there are more ships that has way better than Priority ships we have right now and they only good against SIREN, outside of that, it just GARBAGE and barely useful.

7. Ship Build should have lists of units that can be gained prior or after updates to keep track which units can be gained from there and which is Event-only (disappear until rerun happened again. Also, any ships that is newly added should be highlighted with New until next update happened.

There is more to say, but most of them are just minor things and these are the most discussed in threads and comments section right now.
I dont want this game become a chore that burnt the players on long-term, but at least make it less burden to everyone including newcomers.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Let me be honest with this game, despite the game itself was fun and challenging, it really lack of value and gameplay system is messed up.

You dont have control over your unit placement like how they should not going in horizontal system, they should have formation list like square, triangle, cross etc to ensure they are not being close to each other when deployed.

Our characters are really having seizure when defeating all enemies while moving to next section where they will standing still and wasted 3 seconds like an idiot (even more when they used skill on that delay), not trying to move forward ASAP. At least, PAUSE THE TIMER when they moving to next section because it wasted so many precious time when it matter.

When you dont have required unit to battle especially on specific boss, you are being beaten to pulp when bosses have certain skill or extremely tanky on unfavored terrain, it was almost impossible to beat them before time runs out even on maxed skill level (need limit break especially on special events).

Value: Summon system was the atrocious one when it comes to PITY SYSTEM, 200 pulls and you only get pity one when it comes to special units (season event only) while non-special units (including new one) will spawn between 50-100 pulls average even if you are lucky, you will get 2 or 3 at once with cost of another hundred summons again.

Played for 1 year and my motivation was at low point, barely any activities like doing it 15 mins and close the app while waiting cafe and daily stamina filled again. Rewards are extremely stingy and maintenance only give you FIXED 720 Crystals for 6-8 hours maintenance which is really low for such long maintenance (1200 is fine) and events barely give you any crystals at all. Stocking 20k crystals (2 months worth including events) and gone instantly on Limited-time characters with nothing to get at all.[發火][發火][發火]

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Worst Connection Issue I really disappointed with you, Yostar. Your connection is really worst compared to other games where I can play while watching streams in 4k Resolution without any issue. What is the point of 8 hour Maintenance while all we have is CONNECTION ISSUE entire time after updates happened???
I dont understand with your entire works with 2 GB per update and all we got is this issue EVERY SINGLE UPDATES. Really, what I wanted is STABLE CONNECTION, not CHARACTER CONTENTS entire time.
Dont get me wrong, I love this game, but as this issue strike in last few updates, I really questioning whether you guys really did the job or not, unstable connection entire time despite I have 1Gbps Internet connection which is extremely weird compared to other games where only using 4G LTE and they can run smoother than this game.
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