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Power Rangers : All Stars


cannot even start the game. the term and things i need to agree to will not even load up for me to be able to agree

MEGA MAN X DiVE | English


this game is great when it is working. but since update when i start any missions I am floating in the air and cannot move

it is a great game but sometimes it just doesnt let me log on and doesnt respond unless i reinstall it which is annoying. If it doesnt get fixed i may end up having to give up on this game sadly

Rangers of Oblivion


this game was good when i could log on but now all it keeps saying is connection timed out check network, all my other online games work except this 1

This game is great and all I just wish there were more characters or that it were in english and also Tokoyomi is way too Overpowered he can immobilize an entire team on his own and wipe you out with you doing barely anything to him and when you do hit him his def is so high that he takes next to no damage

Zombie Tower Defense


this game was terrible and after completing level 3 i had 20 ads in a row that i could not skip and had to watch all the way through i just wanted to see how long it would go on for and 20 ads is ridiculous

great game until you realize that every server is full and you cannot even play the game

this game is terrible with way too many bugs

does not even work i downloaded it and it said you did not purchase this game and doesn't work

Jumputi Heroes


this game has a great variety of characters but is hugely a pay to win there are people who are nearly half my power that are winning against me with their special power doing way more damage than me even if I have more specials stocked up they still beat me

this game is great besides one major thing if the enemy takes me down to one character left in my team I only get 1 attack yet if I take the enemy team down to 1 they still get multiple attacks which is incredibly unfair

this game needs to update but will not install the update

all around great game, loving that it is more stable just wish there were a way for me to save so i can move between devices

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