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- Fun combat and creatively copying other games, mainly dmc movesets on raiden, male mc, etc. Including, dmc3 and dmc4 in APHO 1 and 2 on both the enemy models and animations, and the music and sounds. HI3 has a small indie game quality production vibe to it so I don't find an issue with it, it's kinda cool that they dont take themselves overly seriously like a parody game.
- Decent music
- Attractive characters

- Nonsensical story; lack of world building, character introductions were missing since the beginning up to chapter 15+, organizations and current civilization explanation got explained hella late, and overdone the power of friendship trope and "plot armor" of characters getting random power up the exact same way over and over again by reusing the "overly dramatic and emotional anime moment" trope way too many times while the main protagonists were losing against somebody
- HI3 tend to leave a lot of explanation after the climax of each arc, or 15+ chapters later. So people are only saying that the story is great because they find the characters attractive, not that the terribly written and convoluted storytelling that even they themselves struggle to follow without reading the summary from the wikipedia page or having to go and forced themselves to read the manga to understand a mobile game plot were actually good or above average.
Which clearly shows the writer's incompetence. it was especially weird when real places (austrlia, new zealand, etc) or a random american name is mentioned in the story since it sounded really weird and pretentious by the writer.

- stigmata farming is a hell of an experience when foundary stigmatas arent even comparable or good enough to do 2.5x most of the time without their gacha signature wep and stigs
- One of the worst game when it comes to powercreeping... Not just the units but also their weapon and stigmata set as well since unlike other games, it's character exclusive for both the set and the weapon which made the experience worst.
- 200+ pity for stigmata + weapon combined, 100 for a unit without even counting getting duplicates
- $600 = 100 pulls in hi3, $600 = 360 pulls in Genshin. Packs are incredibly overpriced, actually scam if you think about how frequent the powercreep is in this game.
- when comparing this to Genshin, 1600 is cheaper than 2800 per 10 pull.
- 100 pity in HI3 is 28000 crystals, Genshin cost 180 pulls but it also cost 28000, at the same price, but it's realisticaly 14400 if you win the 50/50, or if hi3 50th pull is the half pity but hi3 doesnt have that when you dont have to gacha for artifact sets and the weapon in Genshin since it's not as mandatory as hi3. Genshib doesnt put artifacts sets on the gacha banner to begin with and the best part is that they cant be powercrept unlike HI3 stigmata system wheb it's only usuable on one unit specificially.
-Huge issue with the game being p2w which nobody seems to have addressed it at all.

I don't understand why this game get so heavily praised after trying it for a year to kill some time, stayed because rng blessed me with f2p luck. Also, about 90% of the entire main story in hi3 is jusy awful, I wished I could skip the slow zoom, forced RP walk that the game forces you to do during flashback or stuff happening outside of the real world for the billion times in the game like it made any sense, unskippable in-game dialogue, and the entire chapter of you walking around in circles on one same map for an entire chapter and hitting the same toy looking enemies, not intimidating to look at at all, for 10+ hours until you manage to get to a new story with a new area and repeat it again. Elysian realm is literally the only good story in the game, it's a shame that they're not alive in the main story.

Exorcist in Island


Guide for F2P, as I'm a F2P myself and currently top 10 in Global PvP.

IMPORTANT: SR Magic DEF or Physical DEF accessory (tier 2 or tier 3) > SSR (tier 2 or tier 3) accessory. I think this is a bug where you get 20k-25k def with SR but SSR gives you 5k-7k at maxed level. Basically, dont evolve this piece of equipment above SR.

(This game gives 40+ pulls weekly by doing Daily, PvP, and Weekly. You get more from other things like events, codes, mails, achievements, etc. You can play this game for fun. There's no need to be serious and rush things.)

I highly recommend not spending any money on the packs, all of them are overpriced and have very little value to progression apart from the campaign battle pass or the 2x gem packs.

(Good for long-term, if you're a F2P player, invest only into 2 characters fully until Van and other characters get updated to the scout list)

Tier 0 (Strong everywhere: dominating PvP/PvE)
- Boris (Tankiest DPS mage, can replace your frontline)
- Aikawa (Best support/healing/DPS in physical comp)
- Johan (The best healer in the game, usable in every comp. He's kind of a must-have unit to build)

Tier 1
- Seraph (Best utility support: deals damage, cdr, healing)
- Lero (The best magic tank, tanky + AOE skills)
- Oxana (High investment character, really good with SSR exclusive)
- Haena Kang (Best tank for physical teams)
- Harang (Good shielding, great damage buffer)
- Yujin O (Support with good damage)
- Kyoichi (AOE ignores defense can be really good late-game)
- Mochizuki (has some potential with dodges, but she has a very low base skill damage, even though it guarantees crit on every skill)

Tier 2 (The "handicapping your account" category)
- Juho Lee (Weaker damage than Seraph, Aikawa, etc)
- Suki (From experience with EX wep, she's really weak)
- Zenan (A tank trying to be a DPS against magic teams)

(This game is similar to King's raid since you have to Gacha for each character's Exclusive Weapon as opposed to getting the characters. You can get all characters from scouting)

1. The best way to scout from day 1 is to visit: Shop > Package > Scout > Special Gift Pack 2/2. Buy both of them since "Special Gift Pack" has more value than "Almighty Gift Pack". This is the only thing that you will buy as a F2P from the shop for efficiency.

2. Reroll until you get the one Exclusive Weapon for at least one tier 0 character. After that, only roll if you see an Exclusive rate-up for your desired Exclusive Weapon type since it has better rates than the standard banner.

3. Don't waste your gold on Gears that are not Tier 2 or Tier 3. For Tier 1, only fully enhance and level (R) gears from 6-5, 6-6, 6-7. Always Aim For Additional ATK and Additional Defense. Fixed Offset for supports (healers and shielders).

If you got lucky in the Gacha pulls and got Tier 2 (SR to SSR) or Tier 3 (N-SSR), make sure to fully leveled and enhance these instead for easy story progression.
You will get 2 to 3 substats for these. In this case, prioritize Crit rate > Crit dmg amp > Hit rate/Additional ATK.

4. For Devil Hunts, only go for Defense > Survival > Everything else. You need this to progress and evolve your characters to SR quickly.

5. Don't forget about Craft which is located at the Top Right menu to get higher-grade materials and more. This is where you need more materials from Devil Hunt to evolve characters from R to SR. Spam Phase 2, essentially.

6. Don't use fully leveled gears for enhancement, Grind them first (get all the exp back) then use the leveling materials instead to be gold-efficient.

7. You grind for Gold (Sell) and Gear Evolution materials (Grind) by repeating stages in story mode.

8. To climb in PvP, make sure to only go for weaker enemies, refresh if they're too strong. It's most ideal to not lose a single battle since you will lose like 100+ potential points (-32 from losing, and losing your pt stacks) just by losing one fight.

And that's everything. Have fun :)

Super String


It's a great game overall that's not only F2P friendly but getting all characters in the game within 3-4 weeks was something that I didn't expect to be able to do as a F2P. Additionally, you can only do monthly selective summon for free on the first month, so don't rely on that to get a new EX wep or character unless you're willing to pay for it.

That said, I don't recommend rerolling for a character since you will get them, eventually. Arena shop allows that to happen quicker. And regardless, getting the right EX weapon for your SS matters more in this game than rerolling for the unit that uses it.

Also, keep in mind that you will eventually run out of resources when you hit lv 60. I highly recommend building only 12 units at max until you hit level 70 on one of your units, especially if you're F2P. It's fine to level all characters to lv 20 for commander exps and rubies, don't go over that.

Skill level should be prioritized on An Boyoung early on. She will carry you from early to mid PvP and PvE stages. Or, if you have one of the top meta SS damage dealers with his/her best EX weapon, it's also worth pouring every resource into them on the get-go.

In my case, I did it on Yun Bitnara, and her s4 (can only crit) deals over 150k-200k with Uchida in PvP. And that's hitting 2 targets for 3 turns while being immune to CC. She carried me in both PvE and PvP, like, incredibly hard. Even harder than my Sando with her EX weapon.

But, here is an in-depth tier list and analysis on each character based on Korean/Global meta in the top 50 PvP/PvE (I'm currently ranked 112 in PvP as a f2p)

But TLDR of this, here are the must build/recast units for both F2P and P2W for end-game PvE and/or PvP,
assuming that you have their best *EX WEAPON*:

A units: An Boyoung (PvE/PvP/SS), Uchida Kyouichi (PvP/SS), Royal Guard (PvE/PvP/S), Lou (PvE/S)

S units: Wonsul (PvP/SS+), Kang SeongHyeon (PvP/SS), Mago (PvE/PvP/S), Kira (PvP/SS), Leonard Shin (PvP/S), Catarina (PvE/PvP/S), Kim Bong Chun (PvP/PvE/SS), Back Ryong (PvP/S)

SS units: Kang Suki(PvP/SS+), Yun Bitnara (PvP/SS+), Sando (PvE/PvP/SS+), Seok Hwan (PvE/PvP/SS+), Ajitae (PvP/PvE/SS), Kang Hyeon (PvP/PvE/SS+), Lilia (PvE/PvP/SS), Ha Siwoo (PvE/PvP/SS), Kang Haneul (PvP/SS+), Hasty (PvP/PvE/SS), Kawooka (PvE/PvP/SS), Jyu (PvP/SS), Min Jungwoo (PvP/SS)

HERE's the long version:

[For A]
1 Uchida Kyouchi (freeze + def break, OP in PvP)
2 An Boyoung (if she survived after using s2, her s3 + extra turn into s4 will delete everyone in PvP and PvE. She might as well be an SS unit, that's how strong she is)
3. Aikawa (one of the best aoe burner/bomber in the game)
3 Meyer used for Kang (raid boss)
4 Oh Sejeong (optional but a good control unit, though, if she failed to stun she's useless, imo)
5 Samus (budget boss killer that deals 25% of maxed hp on s4, not better than SS)
6 Ponzol (best A debuffer in PvE with poison/%hp dots, can be triggered per hit)
7 Royal Guard (the best A defender in the game, usable in PvP and PvE)
8 Bangja (best Bomber who can consistently place bombs on single target)
9 Lou (Another good tank with def down, reduce damage taken from debuffed target)
10 Cheol (strong single-target ability but not better than SS like Sando).

[For S]
1. Wonsul (an absolute monster in PvP, currently meta)
2. Kwaetacheon (best shocker)
3. Kang Seonghyeon (2 turns aoe sleep and also decrease meter by 50%, strong in PvP)
4. ms. Hwang (really good in PvP when paired with munsu with his EX weapon or Aikawa)
5. myowol (disable one target passive permanently and good in raid)
6. PyeongGang (not bad but her revive is really rng)
7. mago (a good stealth damage dealer, but aoe destroys her in PvP)
8. Kaira (a control PvP unit, not a priority)
9. Kira (PvP, strongest single target in the game, s3 grants 60% critical)
10. Leonard Shin (the best buff block unit in the game, PvP unit)
11. Jin Suho (usable on raid bosses)
12. Catarina (With EX weapon, 60% crit dmg buff + 50% dmg reflect, great in PvP and PvE)
13. Taeyu (really good against reviving teams if he has EX wep)
14. Yeongsil (can permanently stun a unit in PvP)
15. mito (a budget version of Uchida)
16. marlene (great single target dealer)
17. Yuuitae (good against raid boss)
18. Kim han (crazy damage with Frenzy, PvE and PvP)
19. Back Ryong (Great PvP unit)
20. Kim Bong Chun (one of the best control support in PvP)

[For SS]
1. Yun Bitnara (best aoe DPS in the game)
2. Kawooka (invulnerability for 2 turns with 50% chance for all, the most busted aoe passive in the game if it procs often)
3. Sando (If she's not taunted by at least 1 defender or stunned/frozen, your team is wiped)
4. Seok Hwan (him with EX weapon "Ignition bat" = god tier)
5. Kang Hyeon (aoe atk down + taunt for 2 turns, your team take no damage for 2 turns, one of the best tanks in the game)
6. Lilia (insane aoe cleaver, currently meta)
7. Ajitae (2 EX weapons with 2 different playstyles, strongest specialist)
8. Jeon Youngha (really strong if he doesn't get focus first)
9. Ha Siwoo (best buffer in the game)
10. Won miho (amazing PvE buffer)
11. munsu (only good with EX wep that changes his skill)
12. Kang suki (arguably the best tank in the game with her EX wep)
13. Shin Heyool (best reviver, could be used in raid)
14. Wonhyo (best counter to Uchida or a fast debuffer in PVP with her EX wep)
15. Van (used as a first turn contester in PvP)
16. min jungwoo (Great in PvP with his EX wep that changes his abilities)
17. Jyu (one of the strongest AOE damage dealer in the game + counters with high investment)
18. Yak (he can decide the outcome in PvP if he got first turn with aoe silence)
19. Kang Haneul (gives first turn to a target + resets skill cooldown, and also boosts turn meter by 11% to all each time he takes a turn. Keep in mind that they will still remain in the same place even after being granted an extra turn. That + 11% turn meter increased makes him very OP in PvP if you use Sando, Yun Bitnara, Jyu, etc)
20. Kang Suho (situationally good, only with EX wep)
21. Hasty (one of the best defender with good counters)

All the listed characters here are worth building. Consider building them if you have their EX weapon, but that's also your choice.

If you've gotten this far, for equipment, be sure to look at master PvP rankings and see which set and primary/subs they run and prioritize.

When you want to make room in your inventory, make sure to promote for more 4-5 star gears or cores instead of selling the pieces that you won't use.

"Craft Core" only works if you do it on +6 4 star gear.

You can also use Blue gears over Purple or Gold if it has high base critical dmg or crit dmg primary. Keep in mind this is only for Primary% on blue gears since subs on a primary piece that can roll into SPD or an offensive primary% stat don't have good substats apart from SPD. Even if you have a better Purple or Gold gear that you could replace, you can directly put this on another unit.

You will need at least 120% Critical Dmg to ensure that you will Crit 90% of the time due to Crit Resist of 30%+ that most damage dealers have. You can check this in "info" and click the exclamation, "!" at the very bottom.

By standard, 3 primary % should be Crit Dmg, Crit Dmg, Critical Chance with 4 set ATK% and 2 Set Crit Chance.

Or conversely, Crit Dmg %, Critical Chance %, Critical Chance % with 4 set ATK% and 2 Set Crit Dmg %.

In some cases, you would go 4 Set Crit Chance %, and 2 Set crit dmg %. But I would recommend going with the first standard build here for maximum damage. As a side note, if you went with 6 Crit Dmg Set (on Yun Bitnara for instance), make sure that at least one of your primary% is ATK%.



If you guys are having connection problem that's either you cant afford to get a good wifi connection, or you have too much traffics on your 4g.

Unlike Nexon, I'm glad that Zlonggames are adapting based on the complains that players are giving back to them: stop releasing every new SSRs every week, doing a rerun of awaken units for the past 2 months so f2p can save up their classifies contracts, and giving us the positive changes made in kr server as early as possible (like the new stats, ui, and other interfaces).

Now, the part that I feel f2p will not be able to compete, after they made pulling more f2p friendly, is the gears set. The difficulty in turning 1 maze piece into cdr set had costed me over 200+ gold set binary (those costed me over $100), and I did not even get a single cdr set from that lol. I want to be upfront about this but Ive already spent over $1000 on this game and my gears quality is nowhere near the top 200 in pvp.

I also feel like binary tunings are rigged. If there is 1/18 chances of getting something different, you would expect my anti-sniper piece would be something else entirely if I try to reroll it 2 or 3 times in a row, right? That's not the case since every 20 gold set binary I used to change every anti set to something else, it always somehow remains the same for every first 2-3 tries I invested. What's worst is, I fear that the chances to get the exact same sub (with blue binaries) and set (with gold binaries) are not 1/18. It's as if they turned the 1/18 into a gacha banner for cdr and atkspd set. So if they want to false advertised the 1/18 chance, they better add a pity for binary as well.

Like legit, you can barely get 7-10 gold set binaries per week. And knowing that 200 doesnt get you what you want. We're looking at near 30 weeks for f2p to have 210 gold set binary to still not get cdr set on one of their maze set if they're just as unlucky as me. It's honestly a scam for both small spender and f2p.

This game is amazing. It's a very challenging game for those who like to play Japanese gacha games blindfolded, or just like to go for random stuff at the start.

I can tell you guys a couple of conclusive tips from watching Japanese guides, and just from experience.

You want 2-3 highly rated SSR or SR cards for speed, endurance, stamina, and wits. The only training card you care about is the tutorial girl, the one with green clothes. This is one of the support card that you can borrow, so dont bother rerolling for it. Keep in mind, the cards needed differs on the unit that you use so dont generalize that you always need 3 speed cards for every horse girls. Some horse girls do need 3 stamina, some need 3 speed, and so on. But we know for sure that guts support card is universally terrible. Guts is basically the one with the flame icon.

This means you have to priotize support cards not characters. When you do your gacha, make sure to do support cards and get the right deck first, then summon for characters. A character is useless without good support cards.

There are 5 training routines that you could do. Depending on the meters or the type of race that you're doing, you will either need more blue skills if you have below than average stamina but a lot of speed and endurance; or, if you have above than average stamina, endurance, or wits, yellow skills are the token to victory in place of speed. Even so, having high raw speed is always nice.

Speed > Endurance > Wits (skill activation rate) > Stamina > Guts (increase speed midpoint of the race). You should priotize your stats by that order. 4 and 5 can be skipped entirely. Unless you're doing like a 1800+ long race, stamina at 300-500 is a good range. If you have too much stamina for short races, it's kinda like having 5 chances to hit a ball, but the challenge was to hit the ball once, the other 4 chances are seen as a wasted stat.

Simply put, just train mostly speed, endurance, and wits. Raising endurance can indirectly increase your stamina so dont bother too much on doing the stamina training and only do a few of them, unless you're doing the long races.

There will be an option to check your status, whether it meets the requirement for the race or not, before you start your race. This represents in "O", "X", and a triangle symbol. O = you have enough, double O for exceeding the race's requirement (you dont want this on stamina), X = you know what, triangle = you're between O and X, barely passing.

And that will be it, have fun everyone. You can find deck guides online if you cant clear the entire tournament. It's rough but not impossible without it. Search for your horse girl and what deck they used for her. Also, skill order is another important factor to getting every 1st place in each race, but you should really just have fun and play around with what you got.

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