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Hello ^^ I am Konrad, known as "Nisa".Nice to meet you.You can say that I have a wide knowledge of mobile games. UwU
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Hello ^^ I am Konrad, known as "Nisa".Nice to meet you.You can say that I have a wide knowledge of mobile games. UwU
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La: Luna Fantasy


The game goes by itself it makes no sense to play as soon as the auto presses and the game does everything for you missions assumes equipment upgrades no pleasure and when you turn off the car, it will turn on by itself, whether you like it or not

A very enjoyable game I am positively surprised
Pretty nice graphics great audio I don't know the plot any more than the Japanese hehe
Animations cool Gacha system is okey dokey
I recommend

Nothing more nothing less Other companies and producers they should learn from the makers of this outstanding game.

Beautiful graphics
Very pleasant audio
Animations okay
The plot is not bad
Gacha system is okey
Various events

I recommend it with all my heart

Asobimo I love you
Another great mmorpg in your style
Beautiful old-school graphic soundtrack heaven to the ears
About plot I can't say anything because I don't know Japanese that well enough to describe it to you
But one thing is for sure the game is worth installing

Ragnarok Origin | Korean


What can I say very similar to the pc version big plus beautiful graphics the sound is also pleasant, no need to cheat the whole Ragnarok series is top games for me. You can spend a lot of time without getting bored but yes the moment will also come but in the distant future hahah

What to say Gwent is Gwent nice graphics sounds also not bad you need skills and knowledge to control what is happening on the table I highly recommend



What can I say here very good Sandbox game with many different bosses and accessories graphics like 2D graphics but it has its own atmosphere the game is interesting and addictive the mentioned bosses are different and have their own specific abilities There are pets lots of weapons different types Magic long range or melee weapons very nice game it pays to buy

Alchemia Story


A very enjoyable game.A bit in such an old school atmosphere which is a plus nice graphics nicely drawn characters hero creation extensive and very well done pleasant plot you can feel so far I don't know what to fault after 2 days of playing it's good.

So yeah the game is good The graphics are beautiful and stunning but I miss more sounds in this game more audible calls the gameplay itself is enjoyable I can't say anything about the plot because I don't know Chinese and here is another disadvantage not even Japanese detriment.

Genshin Impact


The game itself is very, very good But like any game, it has its drawbacks for example I will give such as:boring side missions 5 enemies on the entire map who grow in strength every few levels terribly but terribly boring collecting chests all over in part p2w let's face it but it's true, getting a character without spending real money is a miracle and you don't get premium currency every minute you have to sweat to get these 1000+ gems for one drawing attempt monotonous collecting crystals to upgrade two types of towers. But there are also pluses of course, high-level graphics very interesting plot, I don't know the whole story, but I can tell after a few days of playing special effects and sound great but this is not enough when we have as many disadvantages as mentioned above: // I don't know why you are all so delighted with this title if it is not perfect it is simply above average, although that is too much to say it's just my opinion, please understand



Very poor production the game goes by itself, the graphics are moderate as well as the plot the sound system still defends itself against criticism

You click the button in the upper right corner and you can go to the store and the game will play itself of course it has its advantages, but I am not positive about it
Apart from the fact of the game,this is cool not great but average characters, sounds even graphics is good and it's easy but the game lacks a few things.

Touch Monsters for Kakao


A very enjoyable game you can spend some time good gameplay graphics also not bad
But I miss something here, of course, this is a subjective opinion, but the game is not for a long period of time, let's face it, I'm bored

One of the best MMORPGs I've played beautiful graphics audio also the plot is there and you should follow it micropayments are but not needed if you have a lot of time to play There is some auto combat, but you don't even have to use it without any need

Rhythmic game enough to describe it nothing fancy and new in this title

Game like any other games from Bandai Namco for example.
Monotonous fights that become tiring after a while , hence the difficulty level is not very high. the graphics are very nice as well as the sound. The gacha system is very weak for F2P players here a small percentage is felt strongly. But the game is fun so I recommend it.

This is pretty good game of course for an unofficial game. plot graphics sounds everything is the same as on gameboy. this multiplayer add flavor to the game , chat friends , trade , very interesting solution for a monotonous game from the pokemon series



The game is very good the graphics, sound and plot are nice after time it is boring but it defends itself with various variety. How the characters move and the animations are divine

What can I say.The game is good, even above average.I just get bored after a few days of playing everything becomes monotonous and loses color.the advantage is of course the graphics and sound.there is also nothing to complain about the storyline everything is in order and in place

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