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chilling and having fun( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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chilling and having fun( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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Mitrasphere | English


oh my god the english version IS FINALLY OUT.. i dont know if anybody saw my review of this game on the japanese version 1 year ago BUT. I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME[耍帥]

Its not only about the graphics, they are very pretty yes but the atmosphere is even more beautiful the sound complements it perfectly you really feel like you're in a fantasy world.

The characters? super cute. you can customise your character whenever you want and even change the gender whenever you want and its not definite you can go back to the gender you want whenever.

Gameplay is similar to SINoAlice as i had said before on the japanese review. its just that compared to SINoAlice which is dark fantasy this one is very light hearted, relaxing and a healing experience there's no rush in anything you can play as much as you want since there's no stamina system as far as i remember.

Gacha? there's gacha only for weapons and equipments which are most important.

Japanese community really like this game and i can understand why. you can go on playing it for a while as a F2P, the game helps you collect different currencies to use in the game. Fun fact: ever since i installed it the first time it never left my phone.

Now at last i can read the story and fully get immersed and correctly build my character. HAVE LOTS OF FUN GUYS the more you play the more you like it. Give it a chance you will enjoy it surely if you love RPGs. Hopefully its just as similar as the JP version~

what i love about this game most are the pixelised characters during battle.. i love pixel games so thats cool another factor are the beautiful illustrations art, the designs of the characters very pretty and the fast pace.

BUT!! because its fast paced it needs to give you double or triple the energy to keep playing and farming gold, cubes, equipments, shards and exp potions.. those are VERY important's the down-factor..

IF NOT for those the battles gradually get harder and harder your progress starts slowing down.

THE GACHA is good i guess cus even if you dont get 5 or 4 stars characters you'll get good weapons but then again the rate for character apparition is quite low or maybe its just my rotten luck..

The thing i dont like however is the lack of VA :( I'd love hearing japanese voice acting in this and it fitting.. the sound is kind of meh but oh well it all plays within the 'pixel game aesthetic' i guess~

Devil Book | Global


....i couldnt get past the tutorial once i enter the village it crashes why does it force closing if anybody has any idea please do tell me.. i have enough free space in my storage too its just weird..

Arcana Tactics


I just REALLY love this game. Its one of my most favourites. I played the korean version a long while ago and enjoyed it so much i couldnt forget about it so i'm really glad its getting global servers now. It really deserves attention its super fun.

Everything is so clean and pretty to the eyes.
The gameplay is super challenging thats my number 1 favourite part about it, as the game suggets its very tactical and strategic.
The illustrations and art are amazing as always. They honed it better than before its easier to spot everything now the controls are smoother.
I hope they will keep adding content as the game gets more popular because it really has great potential.

SO I SINCERELY hope it remains as free to play as it was in the korean version and lives on for a long time~



'nexon ewww' bs its a great game graphics, art, design, controls, UI, gameplay above 8/10 for me especially the art and graphics cant fully judge the story since its all korean. gacha rates are very well fair its a korean server so it makes sense all in all great strategic rpg better than many that have been releasing lately[鬼臉]

SINoALICE | Global


its finally here and i can read the story fr das crazy [憋屈] not much to say its the same game though the gacha ain't as generous as JP servers but its to be expected tbh i just cant wait for new banners i want paladin gretel so bad[賣萌]i hope soon enough i can collect her skins cant wait to get to the bottom of her story~

SINoALICE | Japanese


all in all to keep this short:
thank you for coming to my ted talk.



Deserves more attention globally only japanese folks playing it[憋屈]i love games like this kinda reminds me of SINoALICE its just not dark fantasy. i really love the art and osts freaking beautiful and relaxing.
no stamina system you can play casually as much as you want~

Arcana Tactics


tried this a long while ago and i just thought of rating it.
the gameplay is super engaging its really fun it gets harder as you play but then again i really like strategic RPGs so its perfect for me.
i love the characters as well they're really beautiful and well designed.

i don't have much to say about the graphics i mean the screenshots speak for themselves its just as beautiful in-game.

the gacha system.. hmm i like it surprisingly you will have many chances to summon and enough luck to get really good units (shards) and its coming from someone who's unlucky asf so yeah the gacha is good.

edit: i forgot to mention there is also gacha for tarot cards which you can enhance and equip on your units it affects their stats greatly, they got beautiful illustrations too[怪笑]

the sound fits. its not overwhelming in some games the sound and osts feel out of place or lazy but if i remember well the osts in this one are okay~

im not sure about the storyline [可憐] its in korean.. altho i can read korean i dont understand most of it so i just SKIP SKIP SKIP[睡覺]
OVERALL a really good pass time you will have lots of fun!

Hero Cantare | Global


This game is great its enjoyable to have your favourite manhwa characters at your disposal free to play and on top of that a crossover. its maybe because there's only one server available BUT ITS ALWAYS LAGGING which spoils the fun.. i hope they do something about it soon [不滿]

BLEACH: Brave Souls


best anime game there is everything goes accordingly and the graphics as well as the illustrations are beautiful i love bleach as both anime and manga and this game does it justice i missed the osts. They add new characters and events pretty often. the game is generous so you can freely play and advance the community is friendly, it never dies. i cant wait for all the sternritters to be added äs nödt and jugram especially 💖



ofc i cant play this haaaa.... i really wanted to play it but why does it tell me UNSUPPORTED TEXTURE FORMAT. i really want to fix it and play HOW DO I GET ETC1 AND ETC2... :'(

Last Origin | Korean


censored or not its still good and fun the downside to it is that qooapp takes time to update it 🙄

Brown Dust | Global



Once u install it & get the gist of it, u will keep it on your phone for a long time~ almost 2years now on my phone.

Like any gacha game drop rate will always be considerably low but this game is generous nevertheless always updating content & rewards, events are accessible to everyone & as long as you play u are compensated equally to continue playing.

>Gorgeous illustrations, beautiful art. Amazing voice acting by famous Japanese VAs not all units got VA and CG but the most used and important ones do so its all cool also some lower ranked ones get reworked and get to see their full potential later thankfully like some 3* and many 4* are equally as useful as 5* . battle and chill music overall.

>Gameplay is tricky & strategic, it requires u to calculate every move ur team and the opponent's team does before you step into a match it plays itself according to the units abilities. the beauty of this game resides in its pvp matches. it takes time and resources to invest in a unit, the game will help with that gradually as you play though. at first i thought the simple gameplay because of the lack of animation was a turn off for some reason? which was really stupid cus its beyond just that its just really enjoyable to see your own built tactic and team in play especially in the arena besides, this style is what makes it good it suits this game the best.

>Fun remark: i always forget & call it 'brain dust' instead of 'brown dust' because it fries ur brain as you play for a while you realise its not that basic it got more to it, really gotta think through your skills and opponents' skills to counter attack and last long enough (。ŏ_ŏ) but that's exactly what makes it so fun & undying.

*side note as a friendly tip*: never go for the legendary/octo/six devils units so early in game. why? because the chance to get them is lower in gacha and theyre not powerful if not invested in. they need duplicates and companions to be upgraded so dont waste your scrolls and diamonds on that. a maxed 5* or 4* is far more useful and powerful. so with this game always take it slow and you will do well. failure and trial. besides the game will provide you with a +9 devil and +9 octo in the jump start. theres a youtuber who uploads useful information on brown dust daily just type 'GUITAR ROCK BROWN DUST' he will give you the best advice and thorough and quick tips since he's an old player and also checks the korean servers.



honest opinion ..its not so good .. compared to so many good games out there this is pretty bad especially the sound effects in battle and the drop rates as well as the gameplay very very mediocre. you better look for something else to play than waste your time installing it.


The game is very pretty and generous in a friendly atmosphere. Quite entertaining and fun to follow. I love the illustrations and character designs. The story is hooking and the game play is worth challenging. A GAME TO ABSOLUTELY TRY~ No need for real money spending since it's an absolute f2p for patient good gamers.

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