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Played it past the tutorial and got stuck on the login screen since it ask you for a chinese id verification. I believe there are lot of copycat elements in this game, especially that *cough* dmc combo ranks system. I also find it weird that there is a latency a.k.a ping even in the tutorial itself, i mean, really? Why the hell there is a latency on a single player instance? Oh, and also, VIP system.

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


This game got a lot of bad ratings cuz of the maintenance simulator upon launch and region block. Well, the maintenance is already over and the game can be played normally (need vpn tho).

Bad ratings aside, this game is actually a pretty good hidden gem, so far i've enjoyed it.

All characters can be upgraded to 6*, including the common mobs. In other words, even a mere prinny can be powerful.

QQ Speed M | Japanese


A nice racing game, it's kinda P2W, but not too much.

Pros :
- Good Graphics
- Decent controls and gameplay
- The player's character face is different from the other version of speed drifters (sticking with jp's own moe style)
- Wide variety of tracks
- lots of vehicles

Cons :
- Some players may experience high ping, depending on where the player is.
- abusable game mechanics (If executed properly, u will be able to do infinite nitrous).
- Slightly P2W (Vehicles and pets could boost certain stuffs, and some of the good vehicles can only be obtained by real money).
- Not much of free resources, and the prices are quite expensive.
- Sometimes the matching is kinda unfair (low lvl matched with high lvl).
- Vehicle gachas

Being a whale doesn't make you good, however, if u face a whale with a good skill, rest in pieces.

V4 | Korean


It's just your usual mobile mmorpg with auto and stuffs. There's nothing new here.

Touhou Cannonball


Kinda reminds me about some anime dice game, forgot the name tho, it has quite similar gameplay.

Oh, and also, Tewi FTW.

Love this game. Generous company, smooth movement and gameplay, nice-looking cards, lots of musics, and doesn't really eat my battery. And what i like the most is, you were rewarded for getting no miss/combo break until reaching certain point of the song, which is awesome.

Ace Force


The gameplay is nice and fast paced that makes me feels like i'm currently playing a pc game.

Pros :
- Nice animation and gameplay
- Decent control
- Excellent aim assist
- Can change character during a game
- Good graphics

Cons :
- High ping, cuz the server is in china (for some countries).

If you have played some RPG escape/puzzle games or yomawari night series, you might be already familiar with this kind of gameplay.

To make it simple, the game tells you to navigate around, finding some key items to proceed, and you can interact with almost anything by tapping the inspect button.

In this game you can switch between light world / dark world by inspecting a lamp thinghy in certain places.

I recommend you to save the game every time you see the save-bird or making some progress.

Be aware that there are lots of DEATH TRAP, in other words, a game over. luckily, if you forgot to save or too far from the save place, you can use an item to respawn on your last checkpoint / area where you died.

Props to the dev for the creepy atmosphere.
Oh, and also, there are some jumpscares.

Ah, here we go again.

SEEC games with their *cough* bad *cough* stamina system. Well, i can't blame though, this is their way of earning money.

The BGM is astounding as always. if you've played some of their games, you will notice that there are some BGM that was also used in the other games.

The gameplay is kinda different from the other SEEC games, there are not much of story branch, but you must maintain your character's sanity level by choosing the right choices. (I just simply decided to call the gauge on the top as sanity level).

As for the translation,'s kinda messy and confusing, but i appreciate the fact that they translated the game.

I thought this game was auto at first, but u can actually move your ship by manual select and tap. overall, decent combat i guess.

Graphic wise, the UI looks good, but the language barrier makes it kinda hard to navigate around. Combat graphic is okay, and the characters looks decent enough.

Oh..and also, the server is kinda slow, even 500MB+ can be a real torture with only 200KB/s speed from the server. (My wifi speed is 50mb/s, so it's not my connection speed that is slow.)

And i wish the game could be more optimized for low device, even my mi note 5 is coughing kinda bad.



I was wondering why melody's voice was pretty familiar to me, to think that the voice actor was the real Goddess Nanahira herself. Boy, i feel blessed.

that aside...

The game's concept is pretty interesting, side-scrolling shooter mixed with rhythm, and there are lots of songs. The difficulty is also challenging too. For those who wonders about how the shooting mode is, it's similar to a bullet hell game, with more or less difficulty.

And also..there are some problems, of course.

The beat timing on rhythm mode still feels pretty fast, even though with -4 delay, and the note tap response is kinda slow. Wish the devs could fix this ASAP.

Overall, it's a pretty fun game.

Dream Collect!


This game wasn't meant for low end devices.



It could have been a decent game, if only there's an option to choose server location. The game ping is horrible, probably because i'm far from the server, i guess.



It's a nice game, but i hate how greedy the dev is.
1. Early completion bonus is impossible without purchasing ticket (EX : 3 day time limit for a chapter with 29 stage, rly?)

2. IAP price is fairly expensive, considering on how much daily ads they get.

3. The coin price for unlocking special CG and character gallery (failed early completion bonus) is pretty dang expensive, even u can barely earn 100 coins a day, meanwhile special CG cost 1k coins and character gallery cost 2k coins, and thus forcing players to buy coins to unlock them.

4. I like that there is an extra story after true ending, but it's a pay to play. $19 for an extra story is kinda expensive for a mobile game(maybe?)

And guess what? I've failed all the early completion bonus from chapter 3 to chapter 8, even tho i've watched daily ads and no stage failure.

Overall, it's fun to play, and purchasing things is optional, but, good luck on waiting for a very long time if you're a f2p and want to unlock everything



It's actually a nice game. Open world with smooth graphic and nice combat. and somehow, i dont need vpn to enter the game. And also the game is actually generous enough, with daily gems reward and good gacha rate.

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