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I'd say this is the best gundam mobile, so first I recommend u to play this game at least 4gb ram must be ready on ur phone. Well, that is if u wanna play it without having force close. Here they provide u with two choices light mode & standard, light mode will reduced the consumption of everything including the graphics
Sound: nothing special from it, I thought they'll like put a cool song into it like lisa sing for narrative, just ignore it thats just my wish 😂
Gameplay: The cool parts is u can build ur own gunpla, the annoying part is u need to do gacha, 60 lv for 1 equipment & if u wanna go above that u need to tune up. Well the rate is 5%, pretty decent for bandai game.
For controller u just need one finger to move a step & attack it, they do have auto, also skip tickets
Story: I think its about to save a gunpla club from closing in high school? because something big happened to their club like months ago then become gunpla battle champion
If u r gundam fans, give it a try!

Teasing battle with takagi! Game is cute, it based on anime. Takagi really can troll you here just like on anime but this game require ARCore so not all people can play and feel the fun with takagi :(



Pretty much cool since they made it with criware
With chibi characters they wanna make this game moe moe
On the main menu u'll see ur own character and other heroes with some buildings behind them
Pretty catchy with instrumentals opening, also they do have seiyuu to fill the voice for each characters
It's 4vs4 real time battle
You need to claim towers then defend it from ur enemy by killing them
They have 3 types of heroes for now, attacker, runner, and builder
U need to rise ur hero level & upgrade ur weapon with gacha, gacha still reasonable, u can get 2 or at least 1 weapon with 4 stars then the rest are 3 & 2 stars
U can move ur character with ur finger then u can attack ur enemy by tap it with ur passive or active skills
Since this is real time battle for now they don't have story but I don't know if in the future they wanna put it because they have clip of heroes got call to do justice
It's a good game if u wanna just killing time in short

First date a live mobile game and it's really nice!!
No complaint for graphics, cute, pretty, well what else can I say, it's date a live you know!
For sound
I'm really happy because they got original seiyuu to fill the voice in the game
For gameplay
I love the way they move it feels like playing playstation, control a bit hard but fun to play
Wow they follow the anime, I hope they keep the story and can catch up to the latest story of light novel
If you love date a live then you have to play this game! Because they really make an effort to make this game worth to play for us! to the date a live fans!!

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