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Feels like an unpolished game. I honestly think this isn't the treatment love live deserved for being such a huge franchise and especially after having a game like sif1 which managed to run for a decade in a market where many gachas die within one to two years. The game feels rushed and empty. It has no soul and I can't see the same passion and thought that sif1 had put into it. I was severely disappointed when I learned this game wasn't even meant to be sif2. They took the game files of another rythm game they were working on that got cancelled and turned it into sif2. We're talking about LOVE LIVE, and they didn't even bother to make a new game from scratch for it. Absolutely and utterly disrespectful to this community and everyone that loved and played and supported sif1. I will still keep playing because I love LL but the production team responsible has completely lost my respect and tolerance as a fan.

Imo this game by far has the best and most satisfying to play beat maps in the entire mobile rythm game genre. Easily beats big titles like bang dream and love life in terms of beat map quality (as in their design and creativity, and how well they synchronize with the song). It also has a good selection of well loved songs thanks to the wide library of works and talented aritsts vocaloid has gathered over time.

I love me boys but they take up so much space [大哭][大哭]

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Question Hello! So I have a question, when you buy the monthly subscription, in global it says you need to cancel it through Google Play 2 days before it's end or it'll automatically refresh to the next month. How does that work on Qoo? I haven't seen any "my subscriptions" option around. Does it show up on Google Play subscriptions? Even though korean version is not available on there? I would appreciate help. I don't want to get stuck in a perpetual cycle of self refreshing subscriptions [大哭] Read Note
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