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New: It's now finally shutting down, March 10, 2022.

The game is basically dead in CN right now. Between the mass game censorship and play time restrictions in China, almost zero new content in months and radio silence from management in the past 2 months, I'm surprised it hasn't shut down yet.

Don't bother with this version and play JP.

GOETIAX | Japanese


Auto-battler RPG based on a browser game. Has nice art and some Live2D. Has VA for some characters, but story is un-voiced.

Rates are 2.7% for SRs(2.9% using summon orbs).. You can get a few free SRs from completing side stories, but they'll come with no skills until, you clear their 2nd side story(very hard).

An important thing to mention is the game is unforgiving due to ungrindable account XP and limited sources to gain it. Since char lvls and unit cost limit are capped to your account level, you'll probably get stuck and need to grind soul rank, upgrade equipment and level characters that have an advantage against the boss you're stuck on before you can progress. They seem to be making it slightly easier to rank up over time by adding new free quests though.

Overall, it's a passable side-game so far, even with all the emergency MTs and bugs.

Teria Saga


Edit: RIP game, it was too F2P, didn't bring in that many new players after their vtuber ad campaigns, and had a long content drought for like 6 months up until their 1st anniversary overhaul, which failed to bring people back or attract new players, even though the improvements were pretty great and made the game even more F2P-friendly. I'll miss it.

Fun, casual party-based ARPG that can be challenging at the higher difficulty levels. Easy to re-roll.

SSRs are easy to get if you save for the guaranteed, discount, step-up and limited gachas with stone rolls, and count on tickets for base gacha characters. SSR guaranteed and other tickets are given regularly through events/shop/logins. Dimension stones are plentiful from missions/log-ins/events/Arena(ez 400/week).

Regular 10-roll cost = 1k stones.

I've been playing since release and still enjoy it. It's surprising how little attention this game gets. Worth a try IMO.

Note: The game can be patched to English, and a few other languages, if you're rooted and know where to look.

- Very generous and easy to F2P
- Cute characters, something for everybody
- Nice graphics if turned up in the options

- SAs/Skill CIs in co-op can get you killed if people activate them at bad times
- Basic whole-party movement system while solo can be frustrating against hard bosses

Notes (63) More
10/7: Limited ships: Ryuujou & Dunkerque Limited gacha:
Ryuujou - 0.75%
Dunkerque - 0.75%
They finally released Ryuujou, who was supposed to come out all the way back with Taihou.
Both their portraits are censored, because China, but it looks like their 3D is still uncensored, at least for now.
Character art from JP twitter, since they can't even show pics of these girls on the gacha banner lol.
Other than that, Ryuujou resonance unlocked and Baltimore(standard pool) was released like 3 weeks ago.
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