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Game crashes everytime I finished viewing ads (as a result, I couldn't claim and rewards or do free daily summons) and sound disappears after title screen.
Using Xiaomi redmi 5 with 3 gb snapdragon ram and the game runs good with high graphics + anti alias. I also tried minimum settings but the problem is still there...

Dunno if this problem is on the game or my phone.

Before starting this game answer this in your mind.

1. Do you like Fate Series? ✓= 3 X= -2
2. Do you like reading visual novels? ✓=4 = -3
3. Do you like the idea of historical, books, etc figures fighting an all out war? ✓= 2 X= -1
4. Is manually grinding ok to you? ✓= 3 X= -4
5. Do you hate pvp? ✓= 2 X= -1
6. Do you like wide range of artstyles? ✓= 2 X= -1
7. Do you like listening to game ost? ✓= 2 X= -1
8. Do you like turn based gameplay? ✓= 1 X= -1
9. Do you like collecting characters? ✓= 0 X= -4
10. Do you have any tolerance when saving? ✓=1 X= -2

Compute the points, Add when yes and minus if not.

If you got...

20= Of course this game is perfect for you.
19-18= You will enjoy this game.
17-15= This game is ok for you, you might last months on this.
14-12= Hit or miss.
11 below= Don't bother installing it.

Epic Seven | Global


Game is now shit. Wouldn't recommend this to newbies. If you wanna know what I mean go check
If you want progress, now's your time to turn back.
If you just want waifu, this is an ok game for you.

Dragalia Lost



Reinstalled for 4 fucking gb, game suddenly closed 97%, data downloaded resets, fuk this never playing this game again.

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