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Frankly if you're just looking for some superficial aerial combat game then this will work for you. The aerial combat in this game happens on a flat surface i.e. the pilots will neither climb nor dive i.e leaving out two important characteristics of planes and aspects of aerial combat. While you supposedly build a formation with 3 flight groups that each consist of 2 pilots which would remind some folks of the flight leaders and their wingmen role irl, here it's once again only superficial as you are suppose to put the tank (the eva or mobility pilots) at the front and not actually the offensive pilots to be the flight leader. And even in this supposedly configuration, the pilots in the same flight groups will happily went their own way if they happens to be closer to different enemy flight groups, and quite often to they'd be dooming themselves to a suicidal 1v4 situation.

The character growth part is essentially a dumbed down version of Princess Connect Re:Dive.

Soen no Kantai


Unless you are looking for a gacha intensive game, or a game that does have lots of WW2 warships you'll probably not enjoy this game. The difficulty curve is riddiculous, a few 5+stars ships will make certain maps/difficult tier practically child's play while suddenly enemies one tier above might as well be godlike to you. The supposedly tactical aspect of formations are practically nonsense. The ship that got place in position labeled as less likely to be targeted can totally got focused fire on.

Tl;Dr ver in case you're wondering, this is a heavily pay to win game, and you'll only enjoy it if you're willing to put a significant chunk of money into the game.

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