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ケイファラデー 18771507

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Its a game to fill my time with and its fun(if you enjoy being tortured) and the grind is hellish and what makes the game even more fun is the community around it just as always remember to NOT enter THIS hell since once you are in you either:
1- Enter and have a horrible experience with your E luck and realize you wasted your time and regret it
2-Enjoy the experience and have kind of a good time with your C-Ex luck until you run out of mats for the millionth time and realize you wasted your time AND STILL regret it but live with your regrets

anyway its a good game just stay f2p... its like Batman's code of morality... once you cross the line once... you will never be able to go back

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Tomoe she is cute,loyal and plays video games and the fan comics with her are nice
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