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Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is now the baseline standard for mobile gaming. I've always wanted a high quality game comparable to console and pc as I don't own either, only a Nintendo Switch for one of the game's inspirations, Breath of the Wild. For a free game the value is more than enough with beautiful graphics, an open world experience, fluid gameplay/combat, an intriguing plot, great OST and finally, a good looking user interface! Don't forget the Kreygasm worthy waifus and husbandos aswell. Despite the shoddy gacha rates (0.6%) the game is still very F2P friendly and can be played at its own pace. In short, the game is a quality mobile game that outclasses the majority of mobile gaming and even console and pc games. I'm really enjoying it and you will too.

Azur Lane | English


best game for fellow degenerates!

Girls X Battle 2


so many best girls ang good gacha

Warship Girls | Global


And yet another warship waifu game

Dolls Order


The game is great as it is. HOWEVER, the gacha currency is hard to obtain for a game with crappy RNG...

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Gonna have to use an emulator... my phone can't handle a game this good. ( In other words, GG MiYoHo ) Read Note
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