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This game's graphics is one of the best! I love how the picture actually moved and the fact that they have VA just add the greatness! The gameplay is rather unique since you need to complete the deadline and able to obtain certain graphics really add the enjoyment

Yotsume God | English


This game is really Good! The storyline is one of the best and I love how heavy the Japanese culture is (with the Shrine etc). And it used Stamina!! unlike others seec games this game can be played more than five times!! [哇噻][哇噻]

The Prison Boys | English


This is one of the best VN I ever played! The gameplay is quite simple but the Puzzles are pretty fun to solve and it makes you to think soo hard. The characters are amazing and the BGM really suits it. But the most important part is that the Story is sooo good and bittersweet[大哭][大哭]

This game is one of the best I played. The gameplay is simple yet addicting with amazing bgm and great characters. my only complain is probably about how they will not release it on english version since more people need to play it

This game is really enjoyable for me
yes, the rhythm part maybe not that exciting plus the system where you need two cards to get special clothes is quite annoying
but the gameplay is quite interesting and I have soo much fun playing it :"D

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 so i can't still open the game.It's been 4 days
One of my friends just downloaded the app (she never played it before) and the download went well and she can play the game
so i was wondering,if i delete the game and the downloaded it again will the problem be fixed?[憋屈][憋屈][為什麼][為什麼]
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