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absolutely p2w game. gacha rate worst. no daily login gift. daily mission reward sucks. game progress to be strong too slowly. farming money dungeon too crappy, first try they give you 600gold, after that they only give you 85 gold.. cheapest xp potion only can be obtained from shop for @100gold.

Trash game. Trash devs. What can you expect from trash. RIP this game. You will be long forgotten.

i already send tix about bug in crescent sands. no mobs, no portal in that map. i cant clear quest there. but they won't listen. this is the example of lazy dev and staff. so its really true that they gonna shut down this game soon. thats why they wont fix this kind of bugs. RIP Lost memories!

Mitrasphere | English


server connection error.. reinstall.. server connection error.. reinstall... server connection error.. wtf with this game.



cant play at all. after movie scene, it only show black screen.

Dragalia Lost


am i the only one that always lost my data after the updates, even i already linked to nintendo acc. every updates i must redownload 5gb. WTF.

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