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Genshin Impact


The gacha system greatly detracts from what could have been a superb game, and I'm not just talking about the characters. Not being able to craft or get actually good equipment by playing the game is a big minus in my book. I won't complain about the resin system -- at least not yet -- because I'm taking my time to get through the game, so I'm still ways away from the "end-game". Hopefully it's not as bad as people make it seem, because the 6 weeks interval between content updates will make it unbearable.

Girls X Battle 2


TLDR: Pay-to-win trash. Long version: New servers every two f*cking weeks just to bait whales (or suckers, as I like to describe them) to hop servers, killing older servers (all 395 of them). Progression stalls for f2pers because you need much $$$luck$$$ pulling four f*cking units of the same element and rarity to evolve a single character, all that while severely limiting the inventory, which by the way is only expandable with premium currency, greatly increasing its price for a negligible amount of extra space. Some functions are locked behind VIP levels, which you can only increase by spending real money.

Google Translate


Too much water 420/69 -IGN

Dungeon Breaker Heroes


Lags horrendously, and the offline progress is laughably slow.

Dragalia Lost


It's okay.



Can't go too far without paying. For a pvp-focused game, that is bad.

Aurora Legend | English


Pay-to-win, no matter what people say in the game chat or in other reviews. You are going to wade through several months of mindless grinding if you want to get anywhere close to what whales are able to achieve whenever they can, and by then your server will probably already have become a barren land dominated by 4~8 people, all while waiting for the inevitable server merges. All in all, this is a short-lived game that will most likely close down in two~four years, so invest your time/money wisely.

Edit: As I thought, this game is dying. First they release a whale-centered character that can solo three characters in PvP, completely breaking the balance and making people quit the game in droves, and as if that's not enough, they're also creating new servers needlessly, probably to lure heavy spenders to hop servers just to get ahead sooner, since each previous new server barely have enough players for it to be a "fun" experience. Chat cen**rship also got e**n more retarded.

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