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It looks really good at first glance, but the more you play, the more flaws just keep popping up.

The graphics are not that good, the gameplay itself is a generic rpg with SAO slapped on it, but overall it's not that bad, actually. The gacha rates aren't that great, but they're not terrible, and walking around yourself is pretty fun. My biggest problem would have to be the fact that the spear looks weird on my short character, but even that isn't a deal breaker.

Tokimeki Idol


The gameplay is extremely easy even on hard mode, if you're looking for a challenge, this game won't work. But it's still extremely fun. You can dress up the girls, interact with them, watch ehat they do around the house. The gacha is also extremely generous. Overall, an easy and cute simple game. It takes up around 2gb of space though, which can sometimes be a problem if you constabtly download more games than you should like me.

Taiko No Tatsujin+


Not gonna lie, I find the web version better, it has better songs in my opinion and you can play it on any device. Just google "taiko web"

I'm a huge fan of the anime, but this game just takes up a lot of space and I personally found it to be kinda meh compared to the other rhythm games I play.

It's pretty good from technicall perspective, but it strongly lacks originallity and uniqueness

Re:Stage! Prism step


It's really cute and the gameplay is quite unique

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