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SILENCE, YOU VILE APP!! A "short" intro is NOT in mah vocabulary!! D:<
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SILENCE, YOU VILE APP!! A "short" intro is NOT in mah vocabulary!! D:<
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Like every other SaGa game in the series, Re;univerSe is incredibly good!

Great pixel art, beautiful 2D character portraits, awesome music and a really good story and gameplay! [開心][開心]

This game is also very, and I mean VERY, f2p friendly.
The devs are seriously not holding back when they give jewels(this games gacha currency) to their players. There was a co-op event not too long ago that gave EVERY PLAYER 5000 jewels(and this doesnt include the truckload of jewels that we got from clearing individual stages) for clearing it! Now, can you guess how many jewels is needed for a 10x summon?

5000 you say? Bzzt!
4500? Wrong again!
3500? Naah!

The answer is 3000 jewels, you fiends! You need 3000 jewels for a 10x summon! In other words, if you include dah goodies we got from individual stages, the players were able to use the 10x gacha a good 2-3 times! The devs are pretty generous, wouldnt you agree? [開心][開心][開心]

Oh!? Did I just hear someone say "Meh! If theyre THAT generous with dah goodies, then the gacha rates must sock ballz!" Well, lemme tell you something....

For a SS unit(this is the highest unit rarity at the moment of writing this), you have a big 5% chance of getting one, which is one of the best rates out there!

And if, somehow, you still arent getting a SS unit, then go ahead and spend a total of 45000 jewels(use the 10x gacha option 15 times) on that banner. Do that and youll be able to CHOOSE one of the units featured on that banner.

Now, lets talk more about the characters/unit themselves. This game has a pretty unique way of handling units and how they grow. I really sock at explaining stuff, but Ill try my best to make it as understandable as possible, especially for those who have never played this game, so please bear with me. Here goes!

Each characters have several "styles". Those styles are all different, with different illustrations, and of course, they serve different purposes. You can think of them as classes or jobs. Styles have different rarities, which are A, S and SS.

Now youre probably asking yourself "Then why is there a rarity system if every style can become strong?" Well, the answer to that is simple: SS styles usually start with higher stats and some of them have pretty neat and useful skills but A styles are often the best styles if you want to train a characters stats. I wont go into details, coz how this works is INCREDIBLY confusing and trying to explain how stats works and how theyre raised is gonna be a real pain. If you want more info, go on google and type "Re;universe stat raising mechanics" or something similar to that.

Another thing that I like in this game is how you unlock the skills of your character styles. Instead of the usual "level up your character to level x to get skill y" or "Go kill monsters until you have a giganormous amount of Job Points. Now go waste those points on random skills and go back to fighting monsters to get more JP!", youll still be fighting monsters, yes, but youll learn new skills DURING battle. Pretty neat, right? Most SaGa games are like this, so if you like this mechanic, then please, go try other SaGa games! Theyre all awesome games! [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

Lastly, here are some illustrations of mah favorite characters in dah game. Since this is a review and I cant directly upload pictures, Ill leave some links below. Enjoy! [開心][開心]

Will update later.

Sengoku Renka Zoom!


Great game so far!

If you love Sengoku Asuka Zero and you dont care if a game is in a language that you dont understand(or if you do understand japanese, then thats even better), you gotta try this game!

Sengoku Renka Zoom is like a hack n slash version of Sengoku Asuka Zero. Theres not a lot of characters to choose from atm, but Im sure theyre gonna add more in the future.

Anyway, give this game a try. Im sure youll like it! :D

Tenka Hyakken | Japanese


I was sure I rated this game a while ago... weird. 🤔
Anyways, heres what I have to say about this game:

If youre a f2p player and youre searching for a REAL f2p game, then search no further! This is the game for you! Nothing is locked behind a paywall in this game. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING.

You get a truckload of bronze coins in this game. Bronze coins are the most common currency in Tenka Hyakken and you can use those coins in the gacha. Yes! You heard that right! In the regular gacha, 10 draws is 20k bronze coins and if you complete just one event, you can easily get between 500k~1m of those coins. Thats... well, a LOT of gacha draws. [哇噻] Most characters can be obtained from the regular gacha. The rest can be obtained either from the "orb gacha", like I call it, or from the end of the month gacha, which is also called Swordfes(The characters in this game are sword girls or Mitsurugi in Japanese). Theres also limited time gachas, which come back several times a year, and anime collab gachas, which comes back every year or 2 but Ill talk about those later.

In Tenka Hyakken, theres only 2 character rarity: SR and UR. Obviously, most UR characters are stronger than the SR characters but that doesnt mean you shouldnt use the SR characters! As long as you give them good gear, SR characters can become incredibly strong! Also, if you get the same character more than once, the first 2 duplicates will limit break that character and after that, theyll be converted into flame items, which can upgrade any character of that rarity. For exemple, if you get the same SR character 4 times, that SR character will be automatically limit breaked twice and the 2 other duplicates will be converted into SR flames. With those 2 SR flames, you can limit break other SR characters of your choosing twice. Its the same for UR characters. Get more than 2 duplicates of a UR character and youll get UR flame items. So you dont absolutely need the exact same character like in most gacha games.

Lets now talk about events. In Tenka Hyakken, clearing event stages will reward you with lots of items. Among those items, there are special event items that you can exchange for lots of neat stuff! Have you ever played a game where character skins were locked behind a paywall? *Ahem*Azur Lane*Ahem* Well, in Tenka Hyakken, you can use event items, which you can FARM, to get those character skins. In some events, you can even buy characters or rare gear with those event items. Events will ALWAYS give a humongous amount of orbs too. What are "orbs", you ask? Orbs, which in other gacha games are called crystals, gems or even cubes, are this games main gacha currency. Orbs can also be used to buy more gear storage space(500 max) and big stamina potions. Youll get a truckload of stamina potions from events and login bonuses, so I dont recommend buying them. Instead, I recommend that you save your orbs for the anime collab characters.

Now, about the different kinds of gacha:

I already talked about the regular gacha where you can use copper coins to get characters and gear.

The "orb gacha" is pretty much the same as the regular gacha but you have better chances to get UR characters and gear.

The limited time gachas usually contains special character variants. Most of the time, those variants only have a different appearance but some of them have different stats and/or skills.

The gear gacha is similar to the "orb gacha". The only difference is that you can only obtain gear from this gacha.

The end of the month or "Swordfes" gacha always comes back on the last day of the month. Several characters that can only be obtained in this gacha. Drop rates for UR characters and gear are also greatly increased.

Finally, the rarest but most exciting type of gacha: The anime collab event gachas. Tenka Hyakken came out around 3 years ago, and since then, this game had MANY anime collab events. Angel Beats!, Shakugan no Shana, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Strike the blood and in a month or 2, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. This kind of gacha happens pretty rarely and each one of them only comes back every year or 2.

Each character has a live 2D skin and depending on the time of the day, where you touch them and their lvl of affection towards the player(you), the characters will say something different. This is a really neat little feature!

Phew... Took me a while to write all that! XD
If you want a shorter version of everything above, well, read this: Tenka Hyakken is a free to play friendly side scrolling action role playing game with LOTS of neat and cute sword girls, great music, and fun gameplay. Oh and with lots of anime collabs! Its also VERY free to play friendly! Wait... I already said that. XD
Anyway! Give this game a try and I can assure you that you wont regret it! 😃😃

A simple but fun rogue-like game with lots of yokai! 😍
Like the player above/below me wrote, the battles are kinda slow at the beginning but once youve obtained 2-3 skills, the battles will end in a flash! XD
The music is really nice and the graphics are like the good ol' games.

This game has a japanese language tag but only the story(which is incredibly short) and the online mode's "news" option are in japanese. EVERYTHING else is in english.

So in short, if you like old retro games or if you love yokai like me, you absolutely have to give this game a try! I guarantee you that you wont regret it!

A really great game, just like I remember! Would have been perfect if there wasnt the usual stamina system...

The game is a lot easier than what I remember(I was having a hard time clearing ch8 in story mode on the global version. XD) I even got 2 of my favorite characters right from the beginning!

The only things that bothers me is the lack of up to date tutorials on the internet. 😔 Why cant the devs just use the texts from the global version in this game? Even if its only for the first... chapter, I think its called? That way, those like me, who dunno how to read JP could get used to the menus and we could also understand the tutorials....

I just hope that, this time, the devs wont decide to close the game the moment I formed my dream team! [發怒][發怒]

Castle Bane


I really love the game so far! [色色]

Edit: For those who think the devs of this game are greedy, think twice!

We get the following for free:

1 SS Rank character after logging in for 7days.

3 S Rank characters after clearing certain story chapters.

A truckload of crystals as mission rewards.
Using the mega refine option will give you even more crystals for free.

Zero Fiction


Really good but short game with a few bugs. I hope the devs add more content in the future!

Its a good thing that they changed this games name to Astral Chronicles coz its TOTALLY different from the 1st Law of Creation(yes, this is supposed to be LoC2). Anyway, that aside, this game is really good so far! Im really enjoying it! *.*

Really awesome game! The text is in chinese(?) but the voices are in Japanese. The graphics are really good and the battles are great! If, like me, you liked the music in the anime, youll love the music in this game! The game can be played manually as well as automatically. If youre like me and you dont understand a single word of chinese/japanese, then the auto mode is there to guide you to your destination. Very well thought!! I usually dont play chinese/japanese games for very long, but this one might be different! Thank you VERY much for this awesome game! ♥_♥

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RPG Story Time 1 I don't think I mentioned this before, but I've been working alone on a game for several years now. I'm a huge fan of the Mana Series and the SaGa series, so back then, I wanted to make a fan game based on those 2 series.
But as years passed, my game ended up being something COMPLETELY different. Before I knew it, I had made several characters, several lists of weapons, armors and items, an incredibly looooong list of skills along with a truckload of other things.
I had so many txt files! XD Some time later, I noticed that I had lost some of those files. Honestly, I don't know what happened....
A few minutes ago, while I was searching for some pictures in my old external hard drive, I found one of the txt files that I had lost! I'm sooo freakin' excited!! It's the background story of the first character that I made! As you guys already noticed, my english is pretty wonky these days. XD But back when I wrote this story, I was still in top shape and so was my english! Hahaha!
I did say in my other post that I would write stories if I felt like it, remember? Since I finally found this story, I might as well share it with you guys.
Just promise me one thing: This is an original story that I, RPGLover88, made for my game, so please, don't steal my work, alright? Thanks!
Now then, here's the background story of the first character that I created: Adar!
Extra Story - Adar
*Note: numbers between parentheses indicates the character’s apparent age.
Year 8399 of the Norwynnic Calendar
At the age of 256(8), Adar lived with both his mother and father. Adar’s father worked as an assassin for the O’fol Tribe. Because of his job, he was rarely home, but when he had the chance to go back, Adar’s father would usually hunt a big Desert Retthaslotr, an animal that looked like a mammoth, and then bring it back home for his family. His mother was a skilled flame Magika user. She stayed home to protect Adar from dangerous animals and bandits.
Adar’s parents were very strict. Everyday, Adar would go to the Barren Plains to practice flame Magika with his mother. They usually trained several hours. When Adar’s father was home, Adar would train his gun skills with him instead.
One day, while he was training in the barren plains alone, Adar heard screams coming from his house....
Adar immediately ran back home and saw his house completely destroyed... and his mother lying on the ground several meters away, dead....
Filled with anger, Adar searched for the person, or rather... the thing that killed his mother. Yes, what killed Adar’s mother was a massive Desert Retthaslotr.
Not yet knowing that, Adar ceaselessly searched for his mother’s murderer when all of a sudden, he heard an earth-shaking stomp....
The loud noise was getting closer and closer and then, finally, Adar and the massive Desert Retthaslotr came face to face. The tusks of the Desert Retthaslotr were painted red with blood. When Adar saw that, an image of his dead mother immediately flashed through his mind. In a fit of rage, Adar bombarded the Desert Retthaslotr with his most powerful flame Magika spells but to his surprise, the beast was unharmed.... 
Realizing that he was powerless against this colossal desert monster, Adar tried to run away but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to go very far. The Desert Retthaslotr immediately caught up to him and when all hope seemed lost, the mammoth-like creature suddenly fell on the ground....
Behind the dead body of the Desert Retthaslotr was a tall old man dressed as a butler.
Butler: Are you alright young man?
Adar: Y-yes…
Butler: Then let us go. The madam awaits.
Adar: G-go where? What madam?? Why did you save me? And… Who are you??
Butler: Hmm… It seems you have a lot of questions for me. For now, I will only answer your last one.
Butler: I am called Moriarty. I am a butler who serves a certain Shade family. Now, please come with me, young lad.
Adar: If I go with you, what are you and your “family” gonna do with me??
Moriarty: That is not for me to decide. I was only told to bring you back with me, sir Adar.
Adar: H-how do you know my name??
Moriarty: The madam will explain everything once we get back. Please come with me for the time being.
Adar: ...Alright. I have nowhere else to go anyway.
Moriarty: A wise decision, young lad. Now, please follow me.
Adar and Moriarty walked and walked and walked until they finally reached what looked like an enormous mansion.
“We have reached our destination” said the butler clad in black. Adar reluctantly entered the mansion....
Once inside the immense mansion, Adar looked around him. Several hunting trophies were hung on the walls, and in front of him was two staircases that led to the second floor of the mansion.
“Where am I supposed to go now??” asked Adar while slowly walking forward.
Adar turned around but the old butler was nowhere in sight....
Not knowing where to go, Adar decided to go up the stairs.
On the second floor, there was a long corridor with several doors on both sides.
“There are so many doors… It might be a good idea to ignore them and continue ahead instead.” murmured Adar.
After walking for some time, Adar reached a large room....
“Welcome Adar!”
A beautiful woman with bright red hair was standing in front of what looked like a throne.
“W-who are you??” Asked the surprised Adar.
The woman introduced herself as Mia. Beside her, an imposing man was sitting on another throne. His name was Jasther, Mia’s husband and the Shade lord.
Jasther: So you’re Adar, huh? You look pretty weak!
Adar: …
Jasther: Since you’re gonna stay with us for a while, I’ll tell ya somethin’ kid!
Jasther: There are two things I despise more than anything in this world: Those damn idiots of the Daag Tribe who always think they’re better than us and weaklings! I absolutely DESPISE weaklings!!
Jasther: If your father hasn’t begged us to take you in, you would have died along with your pitiful mother!
Adar: Don’t you dare insult my mother!! Take back what you just said, you… YOU BIG PILE OF MUSCLES!!
Jasther: Ooh?? If you want me to apologize, then prove me your worth by working for me! Then, and only then, will I take back what I said about your mother!
Jasther: Moriarty!
Moriarty: Yes, my lord!
Jasther: Go with Moriarty. He will tell you everything you need to know about my mansion and your work here.
Adar: …
Moriarty: Come with me.
Adar followed Moriarty and at the same time, he swore to himself that he would make Jasther pay for what he had said.
Adar spent several years training and learning new things with Moriarty.
256 years later….
The day when Adar turned 512(16) years old, Moriarty brought Adar to the servants’ living quarters....
Moriarty: Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the person you will be working for.
Adar: What are you talking about? I already met the guy!
Moriarty: As you are now, lord Jasther has no need for you. Starting tomorrow, you will not work for lord Jasther, rather, you will work for his daughter, lady Hel.
Adar: His daughter?? Why?!
Moriarty: The reason does not matter. You are to be her teacher and bodyguard.
Adar: Tch… Fine…
The next day, Moriarty introduced Hel to Adar. Hel was short and she had exceptionally long, jet black hair with striking red eyes.
Moriarty: This is lady Hel. She is 96(5) years old. You will teach her everything she needs to know about forbidden Magika. You will also take care of anything else that she might need.
Adar: *Whisper* What a pain…
Moriarty: Hmm? Did you say something?
Adar: …
Moriarty: Then I shall now take my leave. Make sure you serve the young lady well.
After Moriarty left, Adar unwillingly taught Hel everything he knew about forbidden Magika.
Many, many years later, Adar was now 1,024(32) years old and a trusted member of the O’fol Tribe. Hel was 608(19) years old and had mastered over 6 sub-types of forbidden Magika. She had become the most powerful forbidden Magika user in the history of Norwynne.
Year 9423 of the Norwynnic Calendar
The Daag Tribe attacked the O’fol Tribe without warning....
A fatally injured Shade warrior was able to reach the throne room to warn Jasther and the others....
Jasther: WHAT!??
Jasther: Those damn cowards!! I’m gonna make them regret attacking us!
Mia: Moriarty!
Moriarty: Your orders, madam.
Mia: Take Hel with you and protect her with your life.
Moriarty: As you wish.
Mia: Adar! You’re coming with me! We’re gonna go out there and kick some Wisp butts!
Adar: Awright! Haaaahahaha!!
Not long after leaving the manor, Adar could already see his Shade comrades fighting against the members of the Daag Tribe.
Mia: There are so many enemies!
Adar: Yeah! Killing all of them is gonna be a blast!
Mia: Hahaha! You really love fighting, don’t you?
Adar: Haaahaha! Fighting strong enemies is the only thing that makes me feel truly alive!
Adar: Enough chit-chat! I’m gonna go have some fun now! See ya later!
Mia: Alright. Make sure you come back alive!
Adar fought enemy after enemy after enemy....
Several years later, near the end of the war, Adar fought against a powerful Luna spirit....
But Adar couldn’t do a thing against this fearless foe....
The Luna spirit took pity on Adar. Instead of killing him, she decided to seal Adar’s powers and memories....
Luna Empress: The people of the O’fol Tribe and fools like you, who ally themselves with them are the reason why this world can’t be at peace.
Luna Empress: That is why, we, the Daag Tribe, decided to remove your kind from existence. Now, begone from my sight, filthy vermin!
...And she sent him to a far away place....
The war continued for some time, and in the end, the Daag Tribe was victorious and the O’fol Tribe was nearly annihilated....
To be continued in the main story....
Reading this story again after I don't know how many years made me so freakin' happy!! If only I didn't have this stupid memory problem, the story, or maybe even the whole game, would be completed by now.... Anyway! Enough with the boring stuff! If you guys end up reading the whole story, PLEASE, I really, really want your feedback! Even if this is taking a LOT longer than I expected, I'm still serious about making my game. So please, don't hold back and tell me what you think of my story. Just don't say stuff like "Your story is shit" or some insults like that. Thanks!
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