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All About Foods
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All About Foods
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Blue Archive | Japanese


I can only say this:" Deliousito".
Staring: All kind of waifus diefus you want to juice out.
Paimon is gonna said Nandeyo...
Girl fontline: The 3D Cuter one!

Shining Maiden | English


Staring: Fate series characters in illusion stories.
All waifus are isekai from reality.
Gameplay is super slow but graphics have everything we ever needed.
Seven Deadly Girls: Illusion Connect - Redive again.
Seriously guys, This game kinda cool...Woah[哇噻]

Staring: Gameplay similar like Azur lane, Girl Frontline but have Crazy Loli Tsundere Blondi with guns.
70% paper works, 25% battles, 4% sherlock, 1% waifu and that is enough to play this s***.
Saga of Rasputin the evil: But in J[no]ustdance 1945.

God of High School


Staring: Journey to the west but No shisou, Wukong isekai one more time to become God in sckooool.
Allkind of kungflus made you want to jumping in and fighting with them.
The Kakarot of HighZ: Battle Of Gods.

Not bad as all[鬼臉]

Yongbibulpae M


Staring: Teen Goku in Korea, Mustard has haioken power And Temari with smaller FAN.
Dragon West Jurneys.
If they put in Vegeta then this game is perfecto.

Zold:out | Japanese


Love the art works.
It kinda like PSP game with styles.

Staring: Black head loop power is so stupid and too much to handle alone.
Rin is cool but Rem is better.
A Game that ll make suck your out of minds when you chose white instead of blue.
Really, why Blue hair Waifus always suffer the most in every ****anime and game stories? Good job **** devs!
Finally, we can have a chance to change our loveliest girl in this time. Have fun!

Staring: Anime Girls That Just Stalking Now in Mobile.
Green Hairs Turns Into Bad Ass Killer Move, Main is so dumb inlove wars.
DokiDoki the YanCry one!
"Seriously I dont know why they made this game but Hey It is Crazy Love Right?".

Staring: Lr Vegetto or Vegito Blue kick your D*** so hard that Gogeta Blue is gonna jealous then hits Broly instead.
Lr Super Vegetto animations ll drive you thirsty for more.
Dragon Of Balls Wallet Broken.

Staring: Just a punch? No experiment, no god ki?
Lolita tsundere, old man six packs, geyyyy...
Too many monsters.
One punch bald.

Staring: Every...thing is sucked, except you are main who is always slashing, dashing, sliding and not afraid to being really sucking awesome.
Mario and BombMan include gameplays.
Ex girlfriend in three seasons.
Best pussy friend has turned even more freaking awesome than main awesomeness.
Guys looking cool, cooler are now coolest.
Attack on Wallet.

Staring: Three seasons combide.
Main has badass power and an idiot, tsundere loves main, lolita loves tsundere and so on.
No pain no waifus.

Staring: Full episode again.
More rpg elements.
This game is Bleach.

Unknown Bride


Staring: All is evil except you are cute waifu, woohoo.
So take in a place where you marry DemonGirls whose hit your jaws within 999.999% damages.
Horror music and contract that make your spine chilling.
It is ok to be bad Boi.

Staring: Touhou that isnt Make your vein Exploded
So 5* is 1*

22/7 Music Time


Staring: Main Voice is Sweeter than Sugar Rush.
Girls from Bang Dreams, Ahhhh Youtube Kid musics for breakfirst?
Dancing girls in any Music Game Unviveral Related.

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst


Staring: Main characters have 95% body juries, 7 Bewd, Bewd again.
I am getting honny.

Hero Cantare | Global


Welcome to a game is sucker than its Soundtrack.
Seriously, The soundtrack is slap.

Very interesting game, rate up is perfect. But 6* are only 2 characters(p/s: Hibiki, Maria). The rest is 5, 4, 3*.[微笑]

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