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YT : S1b3r, A fellow S'porean who enjoys playing Rhythm Games | All AP EXSP in JPdori, TDK AB : 167/169
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YT : S1b3r, A fellow S'porean who enjoys playing Rhythm Games | All AP EXSP in JPdori, TDK AB : 167/169
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Touhou Danmaku Kagura


Bugs i've encountered :
Have been a player since the game's launch and I gotta say that it has its fair share of bugs which i found some to be hilarious,
(For e.g. Whenever someone press the invisible button on the top right of the event story tab, it would spawn in more characters on screen which would be a mish-mash of Reimu, Alice, Marisa & Koishi & other characters)
Eventually the bugs thats i've encountered has already been patched

About the gameplay :
NGL this feels exactly like playing Bandori but instead of those flicks we get those annoying catch notes (green notes) which would make some chart much more difficult than the stated difficulty
(For e.g. Hartmann's Youkai Girl, those catch notes that resembles hearts are quite difficult to consistently hit with thumbs but ofc when you play with index u can just put your whole fingers on screen and just hit all of them without much effort)

About Events :
After playing multiple events i realise a theme with how the game gives out TOP badges, and it caters more towards the whales than the casual side due to the requirement of having a high personal score on a particular song (the higher, the better ofc). There's one event type I particularly like playing, that is Mission Kagura cuz no TOP badges on songs and it gives out a hefty amount of items in the exchange shop

About the skip tickets :
Umm why do this things exist and why do they still count towards score progression or tally up the number of song you play in Mission Kagura, eh whatever at least its a good way for me to do other stuff while i just let the game gives me points...

About Multiplayer :
No multiplayer yet but i've heard it will come out in a few weeks time so can't wait :)

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