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I really, really like the game so far! The art is amazing, and I love seeing all the events that come out! Easily one of the greatest games I've played, and it's kept my attention much longer than most games I've ever played! ^-^
I really love all the different events, and the story mode is fun to do! I'm glad the story mode also has a hard mode, so it gives you more to do, and it gives you a chance to do something more challenging along the way!
Seeing all the different character cards is amazing too! The art is beautiful, and nicely done, and I love how it various for new ones depending on what is happening in real life at the time!
Overall, its a beautiful, wonderful game

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#SuperPower I really like the idea of wind manipulation in a sense! This probably sounds silly, but I like swirling the air around to make tiny bubble tornadoes, or to lead the bubbles around.
If I couldn't have that, I'd like to breathe under water. I could swim for a long time, and I could perhaps even get a job with marine animals!
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