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I want to see you smile
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I want to see you smile
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Once again a really great game from crunchyroll. I've been playing this game for a while now and I think it's a great game. It has really beautiful graphics and characters designs , really funny and fully voiced storyline, constant updates with new characters and events, and much more. It's gameplay mechanics are fun but can get repetitive after a while, it can get grindy at times but it's not like your forced to throw money at it just to be able to play. Overall a really great game nothing too special but worth your time. ( it requires a decent amount of storage around 5GB)

I'm still new in the game. But I can tell that it's visually amazing. But gameplay can get repetitive and I've only played like ten missions. The game focuses heavily on pay to win mechanics which is really a shame because it makes the game look really bad and it keeps players away.

Hi everyone.
I'll try to keep it short.(review)
This is one of the best mobile games out there. It has really beautiful graphics and really smooth game play. You can play through the whole 7ds storyline with amazing scenes. You also have the option to play amazing events, sub stories and an addictive pvp. The gameplay can become repetitive after a while. There are a lot of characters to collect and almost all of them are customizable with outfits. The game is really generous with currency and you're not forced to buy more with real money. I'm still amazed that it's a free game. I would easily pay to get this game. So in short it's a good game and I would recommend it.
Thx for wasting your time on me and I love you all[色色]

I like the game but it's not a game play game but more a character collector game. Don't get me wrong there is a story and some events and it's fun for like five minutes but it gets really repetitive and boring after a while. The most enjoyable part are the characters ( art) right now I'm farming from time to time for the gacha and that's all really. It's not a bad game but there is a lot to improve.

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