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good game but in the tensura event i drawed like 7 i didn't get rhe character i wanted instead i got guila

pretty good

the game was interesting at first but gets boring at a certain time but if you're into mecha anime then i recommend you play this

smash tap was better

Good game more characters and English dub voices


is this gane really going all the way up to floor 100 i don't thunk so because leveling up gets harder as u progress

BLEACH: Brave Souls


good game

it's stuck on the loading screen

good game



I love dragon ball so cool but my only problem is that I can't download it's not in my country Namco please help me[大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]

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does anyone know where i can watch Crunchyroll says not available in your county Read Note
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