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wew I'd been waiting so long for this game and it's finally out! Here's a few things I really liked about this game:

- the artstyle is really, really gorgeous! (I MEAN LOOK AT MY SIN HOW CAN YOU NOT SAY THE ART IS GOOD D:)
- I do like the theme, very badass styled omg T-T I can cry just seeing my bois
- The musics are soooo my type of music! Rockish + my fav VAs singing! 😭
- the "leveling up" system is pretty simple. (except for the mats. grinding process ._.)

there's also some that would need futher improvements:

- there were some players that were having login issues (it has no issues for me) but really hope the devs could fix that D:
- the rhythm gameplay is a bit too plain smh, kinda simplistic & the timing is not accurate despite chging it
- the tapping sounds are delayed (for me) so it's a bit hard to ply the rhythm unless i turn off the tapping sounds T-T
- the event released on game release date which is not convenient for plyers who do not have good strter cards...

I initially played this game on its release and was pretty dissappointed with how the whole game turns up (ranging frm the system itself to the gameplay) It was horrible tbh despite having my Goshi baby in there T-T So yes I dropped the whole game and just got some great news frm my other friend today that the new system is up!

Tried it again and I have to say that, this built is WAY NICER and I really REALLY enjoyed playing it a lot! ❤[開心] Started a new acc and was able to pick my fav boy as the starter SSR! (I don't think you cn do this prevly) ❤❤ Really love the gameplay now, even the system of the game, it's a little bit complex but love how neat it looks now! Will definitely stick to this game for long!



This game is very similar to Touran, kinda enjoyed this game so far (especially the room function ❤). But during my gameplay, I had encounter many bugs and it can get pretty annoying somehow.

Some bugs I encountered (so far):
- Stamina fill isn't displaying correctly in terms of depletion. (basically i dont exactly know how much stamina I'd used up)
- Everytime after adding a few furnitures in the room function the whole screen just hangs, have to restart the whole game
- During battle, after skills activation, the character seems to dissappeared into the background. (I always see my Buddha daddy dissappeared into the bg lmao)

Well, it's still a new game so I'm looking forward for better updates. 🐻



I'd been following up real close after SEGA decided to close down Ycast! It really is amazing that SEGA comes up with another amazing game! ❤

This game requires a lot of patience (as you, the producer need to train dem babies to stronk bois) Regardless, the artstyle looks superb and this game had got me hooked! (Been playing for hours!!)

Also, I'm quite surprised that the game is more complicated as it seems! But worry not! there's an Eng community discord available for those who needs help! (Just joined it recently & it's amazing with all the helps i got frm others!)




I'd been dying to find an educational japanese game and this is definitely a fun game to play! (with decent looking men 😏)

To play this game w/o agitation of always answering wrongly(lol) you definitely need to know some basic Japanese (hiragana, katakana... etc) then you cn somehow figure the answers out, and then learn slowly from there [賣萌]

Also, at the slight bottom right of the homescreen there's a mic button (provided you allow permission for the game to use your mic), you can interact with your baes on homescreen - was literally speaking like an idiot for a good 30 mins 😂


The game in overall was pretty good, I like it so far! :D but the only thing I'm genuinely upset about this game is that...I WANT JASPER GDI I KEEP GETTING GIRLS (even after rerolling several times) AND THAT IS ANNOYING DA HELL OUTTA ME 😭😭 NOW I SHALL WAIT FOR ANY JASPER EVENT AND GRIND DA HELL OUTTA HIM 🤩

Starry Palette


I feel like this game can do so much better than this. Artstyle, VA, the bg settings are great! But...PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY! Especially the taps timing, this game is by far the worse tbh. Been trying for hours to set the timing right and it just wouldn't work! :( This is still a new game so I'll wait for more updates on the gameplay.



Personally this game isn't way too bad, if they can remove the auto system of gameplay. I feel like those heroes running is unnecessary. (^^;; Or squareenix shuld add a skip button to skip all that... It would be great if I can interact with the boys in the rooms cause it's just sad, i want to interact with them(like tapping on the boys) and it's kind of a waste since there's so many good seiyuus in it😭For the gacha system...well, I'd tasted tons of saltiness frm other games so I can say that the rates are pretty shitty for this one... now for the recommendations.

Will I recommend it? If you're a lazy player, then sure you should try it (u'll probably get bored somehow in long run) if u want something more active and a game that has more features to interact with, then this game is probably not for you.

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the moment you knew you can't get the event card eventhough the event just started :')
any ways to increase the points besides gacha and penlights? 
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