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have problems on my Mi Max 2, no optimization, cant play like that and didnt found settings menu thou. Strange no english, SE is a publisher that always do the translation when it comes to money gachering...

cool. Also, anyone can tell me the differences between start version(~300mb) and full ver. (~5gb) cuz i cant propertly download the cache, it downloads with 127kb/s moreover my system determines it as "trash" so i dunno how to download the full completely. First time i download all full asset but nothing changed in game actually next i found that my built-in cleaner app indetify all of that additional 4.5 gb like trash [汗顏][汗顏][汗顏](´≖◞౪◟≖) anyone have problems like this? cuz i tryed on two phones, even if sys didnt say it "trash" there is absolutely no changes in-game...

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


cool game. but somehow i ccant pdate it with qapp: invalid apk.



i swear to myself if this game ask me for download files one more time i delete this crap. So it happend after few seconds again. If you respect your time and yourself instead, then better prefer other games like Cytus...

So, finally i log in and can play. BUT WHAT ARE THOSE GRAPHICS?!? Where is optimizing? fxaa? More configure parameters?
I see snaps in desc in qapp, and more of them totaly different against what i see, even in max settings so much soap and pixels.
Any other stuff in game is pretty good actually.

(cant even login. Some error or smt. when i "tap to start") Ok, i changed my mind. Game finally starts. cool idea, but i can't change graphics settings to remove "stairs". Really, the pic is so sharp so i delete the game :/

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