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Watching all the games I play end services is sad... }|{
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Watching all the games I play end services is sad... }|{
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Great graphics and gameplay!
Never thought we could get an otome game with battle mechanics! Its's so fun! 😁

When I first saw this I just wanted to play for the pretty illustrations but after playing through the story I'm shocked. I used to skip the story in other games and just play to get the cards but here I'm actually looking forward to the story itself!
One of the best storylines ever! πŸ˜­πŸ’œ
And also the OST is so good?! I'm definitely listening to it everyday now. Add it on Spotify too! 🫢🏻

Art - 10/10
Story - 10/10
Characters - 10/10
Character development - 100/10 ( Everyone is so likable?? Never happened to me before πŸ˜… )
OST - 1000000/10 ( The best!πŸ”₯ )
Gacha - 100/10 ( Playing as F2P and got every illustra I wanted. There is a pity system and they have given an option for us to choose which illustra we want more and increase it's rates which makes it even more easier to get what we want. )

My favourite is Ayn btw! ❀️
EDIT: Just completed Ayn's route and OMG I'm a loyal fan of this game!

Waiting for Sephiroth to be playable! 🀞🏻
UPDATE: OMG he's playable already?! I'm maining him!

EDIT: Really hard to increase the exp. Leveling up characters feels like a chore. My characters are at level 55 and the level cap is already at 70 now. Feel burnt out trying to increase it these days. πŸ˜•

Great graphics and OST! [ι–‹εΏƒ]

Nice characters, story and songs! πŸ’œ
Just wish there was a pity system to get the characters we want.
Right now the system is as follows:
Free pulls count 0.5 whereas paid pulls count as 1. To get a character you want you need 300 stickers which is harder to get as F2P player as we need to get double of paid players for pity. πŸ₯²
Sparking is the only way to get them if you're unlucky and don't get the one you want.

Another thing. Anything greater than lv.23 is too hard for me to complete. This game is the only rhythm game where there are lots of songs I couldn't complete 😭

Also the most important thing, I love Toya! πŸ’™

Genshin Impact


Love the gameplay and the beautiful sceneries and OST.
EDIT: Obsessed with Alhaitham! πŸ”₯
I saved a lot of primos and made him C3!
Saving for rerun 🀞🏻
Edit: C4 in first rerun! πŸ’œ

Thanks for making an English version!
Sad its not available everywhere but atleast I'm able to download it because of QooApp.
I got to know so many songs I didn't now of earlier after downloading this game. I loved so many of them as well!
But it's too hard to get 5 stars in events. I'm not able to cross 1mil even with a strong team πŸ₯Ή
EDIT: Now I'm able to cross 1 mil with the event bonus cards. But still not possible to get any 5 star event card without using diamonds.

EDIT: I remembered that I didn't mention my fav character hehe. It's Hokuto! πŸ’™
And my fav groups are TrickStar, Akatsuki, Knights and Undead! πŸ₯°
I also have favourite songs in other groups! πŸ˜‰

BTS Universe Story


Best game ever! This can be played by anyone regardless of knowing or not knowing BTS!
There are so many stories I have read with a great plot, twists and climaxes! Especially, the apocalypse stories. Fighting zombies and all! People are amazing at editing now, since the release!
Most importantly, I have so much fun editing here!
I'm never going to delete it in my whole life! I love it!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
EDIT: Can't believe it's shutting down. I really loved how we could create stories and have the characters wear costumes and also do various movements according to the story. Even the music options for the story background were so nice! Please dont do this!!! 😭

I was so happy to know Utapri had a game after I watched the anime. Immediately downloaded and started playing since the release.
My favourite character here is Tokiya! πŸ’œ
At least merge the servers to the Japanese one! We can't let our 5 years of progress go away like that please 😭



All the member's acting was so good in their stories!
Really love the game!

Can't believe the game is going out of service 😭

I was so happy to know Utapri had a game after I watched the anime. Immediately downloaded and started playing since the release.
My favourite character here is Tokiya! πŸ’œ
EDIT: Starting from square one after losing my 5 years of progress in the global server 😭
I miss the English version πŸ₯²

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


Can we get a English or Global version please? πŸ₯Ί

I really love the characters, story and songs in IDOLiSH7 and want to be able to play it. The Japanese instructions are hard to understand. 😞
I'm sure it'll be a hit if it's localised one day! Like who can resist these boys and their music?! πŸ˜†

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