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I'm just a person who like game for fun... because that's the purpose of the games... cheers
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I'm just a person who like game for fun... because that's the purpose of the games... cheers
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Good game, but sometimes loading screen can crash the game...

Revived Witch | English


very cool looking game.... very easy to controll and like retro side scrolling 2d games... [開心][開心]

Blue Archive | Japanese


Greetings all Sensei,
high school girls with gun is very cute to be honest 🤣
like Shiroko... and Asuna the maid girl...
ahem...ahem... don't mind it, back to the review

my riview :
pros :
- cute 3D chibi animation
- auto gameplay is very friendly for the person who doesn't have much free time (like me)
- can works with Free to play
- Beauty 2D animation based on affinity to their sensei
- i love skip grinding ticket lol 😂
- Using Unity Gane Engine ( tell me if it's wrong ok lol 😂)

const :
- sometimes 2D animation is quiet.... yeah u know, but still approved lol 😂
- PVP is quiet hard (just my opinion) but still can be fix
- sometimes connection failed for download resource or connection request failed... so sometimes i need to use VPN to trigger the login with Twitter.
- auto play skill... can be dangerous because i dunno... i feel like medic skill always be triggered very fast than the tank or sniper support skill (thats what i feel but feel free to tell me)

I think that's all... overall this is one of the good game that Yostar x Nexon serve to us... so i appreciate what the game developer working for... like Arknights or GFL too... every game...

i hope Kal'tsit and Amiya didn't find me here because I'm slaking with High school students 😂😂

note : please don't tell Kal'tsit and Amiya that I'm here

I love this game, Best graphics and very friendly for low end smartphone... keep it up Dev... i hope it has collab to with other game (like Granblue Fantasy)...

Venus Eleven | Japanese


☺☺ Soccer girls... i love it... but still better if english server return...⚽

Now its time for me to give review, since I'm playing it about 3 years (probably 5 if i recall yeah kinda early player means got BAR bunny skin)... I love this PTSD story simulator game... the little pictures of the war (war show no mercy to anybody)... keep it going developer (waiting for collaborate with other game again) and cheers...


Fire Emblem Heroes


very impressive strategy game

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Such gorgeus figure. 
Frostnova - Arknights
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