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An actual cat living in human flesh ニャン~
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An actual cat living in human flesh ニャン~
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Kiki's Vacation


I love this game, there's not too much to do and that it the thing I like, so I don't have to stick to it too long! All you have to do is buy objects from the shop that unlock parts of the story and make you able to speak with other characters!
All the characters are funny and cute, and the graphic and music are very nice! :)

Adorable Home


Very nice and relaxing game, I like the minigames where you need to take care of your cat(s) to earn love, and the basic idea of decorating your and your bf's home is so lovely! 💕

Yeah, I managed to download it from APK Pure!
Cool game, I played it already some times, but because of my phone was a bit old and with a low memory space, it often crashed... this time I'm gonna play it seriously!!

Nice and cute game, and it doesn't take much time, just put the food in the bowl and close the game, you'll find the lovely kitties when you reopen it! The cats are funny and the background music is nice! ニャン~♡ 🐈

I have mixed feelings for this kind of games, they get me very angry sometimes, but I keep playing anyway [汗顏]
I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter and I couldn't not play this game, BUT after some levels they suddently become almost impossible to pass, I get stuck for almost a week in any level, it's frustrating!! We don't have any wand to overcome the very few moves provided in each levels, so please, you give us some more!! [大哭][發怒]

I've been playing this game for several years and it never gets boring!
Also, Hanamaru best girl ever!! みらいずら~☆

Oyakashi Hyakki Yagyō


Really nice game, I love Japanese folklore, the graphic is good and there is a great variety of monsters and characters to discover! Also, the bg music is always nice, with its ancient Japan vibes!
The gameplay is similar to other hundred games, but if you are a fan of Japanese lore and culture this is definitely the perfect game for you! :)

Cocktail Prince


It was a good game, and the idea of creating characters from drinks was funny, but somehow great and original!! So sad they closed the server, sigh :(

Tsuki Adventure | Global


Cute and relaxing, healing for the soul ❤️

Ayakashi Rumble!


Just two words: TOO MUCH. [暈]



I started playing this game a week ago and, except some difficulties at the beginning to understand what I have to do, I slowly fell in love with it! It's kinda relaxing, you just have to send your Animas into quests to find materials in order to create new elements to grow your Anima with alchemic power. And you also have to fight other Anima to improve your level and your class. It's not necessary to stay on the game for all day long to improve skills etc, and this is a very good thing for a game! The graphic also is very nice! [厲害]

I really like this game, even though after the last update it changed a lot, I preferred the old version a bit more...
One problem I keep having is that the game freeze at the initial free scout and never goes on, even after closing and reopening it, I tried doing this at least 6 times... I don't know what to do, it's really annoying!

Shinobi Nightmare


This game was so cool and I loved it from the first try! So sad they shut it down... :(

Very nice game, I played the Japanese version too! It can be played even without spending real money, just be patient and keep ranking and improving your team with what you have, you'll get even high star characters through soulstones!

*Edit: I hate the events, especially their duration!! They're unplayable for a person who live in a different time zone than the game's, and, after a year of playing, I still don't get at what time it switches into the new day!! They put new events/things in three different time during the day and I loose half of them!! [發火]

I'm quitting, bye.

I'm having problems logging in since this morning...
When I open the game, it tells me that I must download some more data, but some seconds after I pressed ok, it tells me that the network stopped responding! What is the problem? Am I the only one having this issue?? :(

Edit: so sad they had to shut this game down...

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