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This game has only come out and I feel like the event they have currently is mostly experimental. I guess it's a good thing? But I'd definitely wait for more months to see a complete game. I think they're going to revamp the game sooner or later (just like what other rhythm games did). I hope that they'll improve so many things because this really looks promising and I really like the gameplay.

I like the visuals and the songs!

The gameplay is pretty confusing, you'll seldom use other lanes as the bars are lengthy. The gacha is brutal with only a few percent to get good tier cards, but with luck you'll get top tier ones. I can't rate the story as I can't understand Japanese (sad qwq).

Overall, it's good. I'm only staying for Mokuren and because I love the songs so much (not your typical idol rhythm game song!). The game is still new and I hope the devs improve this (or maybe revamp it like what BPro did? [厲害]).

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I'm missing this game so much. Sadly I couldn't restore my old account (i had one before they revamped the game) which devastated me. I wish they would make another one, I'd support it with all my heart (and money lol). Read Note
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