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Cons:Some haters existed, you know whoooo~. Those are people who don't know how to enjoy art, games,anime and more etc. f haters who use the word loli casually like y'all think y'all understand the meaning of it (falsely assuming it as something illegal). study japan before using that slang word and stop insulting people by calling them p3do just because people like shorter characters(to me, i just like how sweet and cute they are). people have different tastes. as true fans of anime, we love anime and the characters. we don't compare real life we dive into the originality of 2D anime-ness, or whatever people should call it. we dont decide which is bad or good or to be ousted. people who just hate it because of loli-sized characters, then you deniers have no rights to touch 0.000001% +/- of 2D/anime stuff. Simple solution, just.... quit~yes~~~quit~~don't ever touch any anime related stuff if y'all cannot allow something y'all "sensitively" considered bad,dispise it, or assuming them as something illegal,dangerous whatever.go develop your own sh-t then~ if y'all being so virginly demanding, ain't gonna get much popularity. go back to watch tom and jerry old school cartoon then, that solves y'all haters personally all about self puny little not even worth f-ing problems. almost 2022, modern times still being so outdated.. pathetic.

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