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Mahjong Soul | English


If you're looking for f2p friendly gacha, then this is definitely not it.

But if you're looking for a solid online riichi mahjong app with great UI & graphics, in english, and a lot of active players; then this game is for you.

The UI is easy to navigate.

The matchmaking is fast (usually under a minute).

Calling for a tile or declaring riichi is drawing attention but brief enough to not too distracting.

The clicking tile sounds is nice.

There is a tile set with numbers and wind direction written on the corner of each tile, perfect for beginners and people that can't read the characters.

The gacha sucks, but who cares? Why gamble with gacha when you can play Riichi Mahjong? (i still want Nadeshiko tho)

I think the tutorial isn't enough for the beginners. If you're a beginner then i recommend learn how to play from somewhere else and then play this if you're ready. I recommend Kemono Mahjong for learning Riichi Mahjong. It has short tutorial but covers the basic mahjong and important things in Riichi Mahjong (dora, riichi, furiten, tenpai, etc). It also has a list of well-explained yakus with illustration. And you can train your skills facing AIs with different tactics and no time limit.

This game is appealing for both idol/gacha rhythm game and conventional rhythm game players. Just make sure you have the sufficient device specs

- The artwork in this game is beautiful.
- The game design looks modern and simplistic yet colorful and lovely.
- Some songs have 3D MV that can run in my mid-tier phone (snapdragon 650) and you can switch the characters in the MV and their costumes like project diva. Just don't use 3D MV when you're trying to get full combo, it can make the game a bit laggy (playing with my phone, at least)
- The characters are animated in live 2D

- This game (obviously) features well-known cryptonloids songs (and a few popular other vocaloid songs). Most vocaloid songs in this game have the original version and cover version. There are also original songs for the game.
- The sfx when you hit the notes is satisfying.
- Other sfx is also great

- You can play solo or with other people similar to bandori.
- The notes run through the lane but can be vary in size, similar to dancerail or chunithm.
- The charts is pretty creative and fun to play, usually accentuate song's progression or reference to the lyric of the song.
- The level range is very wide. So this game can be enjoyed by casual and hardcore rhythm game players.
- YOU CAN PLAY SONGS WITHOUT ENERGY!!! Limited energy is my main problem with gacha rhythm games and this game knows that. Energy multiply rewards earned, not a requirement to play. And if you only have little time to spend energy, you can use up to 5 energy per play. (but 2 energy per play is the most efficient)
- Quit and RETRY (yes, this game have retry button. Something other gacha rhythm games usually don't have) don't consume energy.

- I can only read few japanese, but i think all characters are lovable and relatable. i don't think there are characters with annoying tropes often found in other games IMO. All of the groups feel serious and focused toward something. Update: I don't care who you are and your opinion is, i love Mizuki.

In the end, i want this game to get global release. If it is and i can buy a better phone, This game will definitely be my main game.

The game is great. it's a hybrid of beatmania and bandori.

i like it when the notes stop moving when we the disc is held and the notes stutter a bit when it flicked/scratched. It's feels very real-like. Although it's a bit weird for the purple slider always positioned to the next purple notes wherever you slide it, but i guess it's to make the game less stressful than it needs to be.

can't wait for the full release. maybe D4DJ will do covers like bandori?

edit: NVM. The PV said that there will be covers too, so i'm definitely getting hyped.

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